Birthdays are a great opportunity to try new things you might not do every day. Teens love activities that combine camaraderie, indulgence and a great time. These 10 suggestions are sure to provide teenagers (as well as adults) with an unforgettable birthday.

1. Glamour/Hollywood: A dress-up event in an elegant setting complete with photographers and even a limousine ride.  Do a drive-through at your favorite fast food joint.

2. Dancing: A nightclub theme where you’ll dance til dawn. Create your own party mix or hire a dj to keep the party going.

3. Pool/Beach Outing: If your birthday falls in warm weather, invite your friends for swimming, barbecue and outdoor fun.

4. Karaoke: Rent a karaoke machine or reserve a karaoke room and sing your hearts out. 

5. Salon/Makeover: Book a session for you and your friends at a beauty salon. Nails, makeup, tanning – make yourselves beautiful!

6. Art/Graffiti: Wait!  It’s not what you think.  Rather than defacing property, create a template on wall-sized heavy paper. Have the group design and create a mural together that can be saved and hung as artwork remembering the day.

7. Cooking Class:  Reserve a kitchen session at a local cooking school.  Have a professional chef teach cooking techniques and guide the group in preparing a gourmet meal themselves.  Then, of course, enjoy the meal together.

8. Amusement Park: Give all party attendees a full-day pass to an amusement park. Think roller coasters, free falls and thrills!

9. Fine Restaurant Meal: Select a classy restaurant and invite your friends. Reserve a party room at the restaurant for large groups and have a special, personalized dining experience.

10. Helping Others: Spend a day helping those less fortunate. It’s an unusual but rewarding event that will make you and your friends feel good while giving back to your community. Then, treat yourselves to a pizza party for all your hard work!

Source by Sarita Haines

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