Boys feel perplexed when they are asked to judge a girl. They find it extremely difficult to know whether a girl is into him seriously or she is just playing with them. This is the matter of extreme worry if the boy seriously and madly loves that particular girl.

Here in this article I reveal you 15 ways to know and judge a girl before she ruins your life and play with your feelings. People generally feel girls are very sensitive and boys are the tough going guys. Yes, it’s true that boys are tough and strong guys but when it comes to love, they are the most sensitive about their lover.

A girl’s behavior and her attitude towards you, reveals the way she feels about you. It also depicts whether she is interested in you or she is just playing with you. Sometimes what happens is, the girl loves you but she cannot express her feelings. This article also helps you to find out the hidden feelings in girl’s heart.

If you get the positive answer out of this, it is highly advisable to be loyal to the girl who loves you truly and selflessly but if you find the negative outcome, then I would strongly advise you dump that girl before she spoils you completely.

Here are the 15 ways to judge a girl:

1. Ask her what does she look for into a boy? Is it money, looks, power, status or nature?

Outcome: Her answer will reveal a lot about her nature and thinking. It depicts whether she gives importance to love, looks, character, money or power.

2. Ask her if she likes you?

Outcome: If she says yes casually, then she does not love you rather if she finds it difficult to answer this, then she love you.

3. Ask her what does she respect you for? What does she like about you?

Outcome: If she lists out the things clearly about you, then she really love you. If she takes time to think and say about you, then she’s bluffing you.

4. Ask her what does she feel about you?

Outcome: If she is clear what actually she feels about you then you can move ahead with this girl because she is in love with you, if not then leave the topic her itself.

5. Tell her that you will invite her in your marriage, ask her if she would come?

Outcome: If she says no or keep numb, then she is in love with you but if she says yes, ‘I would attend your marriage’, that means she is not serious about you.

6. Ask her if you can come to her home or at least ask her to introduce you to her parents.

Outcome: If she agrees to introduce you to her parents, then she is serious about you and believes that may be you want to talk to her parents for marriage. If not then it means that she doesn’t want you to meet her parents.

7. Talk to her on several topics in a single day. The next day you meet, ask her about something that you have discussed yesterday.

Outcome: If she remembers all or at least a part of what you said yesterday, then she is interested in you.

8. Send her messages regularly for 15 days or call her daily with out missing out a single day. On the 16th day, don’t give her message or don’t call her.

Outcome: If she is in love with you and is serious about you, then she would surely ask you the reason for not sending her message. If she doesn’t even remember that you did not send her the message, then she is not at all bothered about you.

9. Take her frequently for a cup of coffee. Observe her behavior when it comes to paying the bill.

Outcome: If she feels a little embarrassed or uncomfortable that every time you are paying the bill, then she cares for you because she does not like your spending of money needlessly. If she does not feel anything about your paying off the bill, then she does not love about you.

10. Take her for some shopping. Ask her to accompany you in your shopping. Select a beautiful branded shirt for yourself but pretend as if you are not buying the shirt because it’s much expensive than your budget.

Outcome: Now, if her love is true for you and she is serious about you, then she would try her level best to gift that to you. That reveals her selfless and in depth love for you.

11. Find out whether she remembers your birthday, wishes you on every possible occasion, does not forget to wish you good morning etc. all these things reveals her love for you.

12. Ask her whether she believes in love marriage or arranged marriage.

Outcome: If she says love marriage, then you have a chance; if she says arranged marriage, then she is not into marriage kind of relationship with you and if she says love marriages that are arranged, then she is giving you a hint to talk to her parents.

13. Gift her a beautiful, romantic or sexy kind of gift like a sari or a pearls necklace.

Outcome: If she feels shy or smiles a little and accepts that gift then she is in love with you. If she asks you ‘why have you gifted me pearls, I don’t like pearls’, then that means she neither value you nor your gift.

14. Talk to her something about your departure. Ask her how would she feel when you would depart from her?

Outcome: If she doesn’t say a word or simply stare at you with eyes full of tears but still she is trying to hide her tears, then that means you are everything to her. If she says ‘yes, we have to depart one day’, then that means she has never ever taken you seriously.

15. When you are with her, say that you are missing your family or friend or any one who is important in your life. Shed little tears in front of her.

Outcome: It is said that if a girl loves a boy, then she cannot see him crying. If she feels bad on seeing your tears and cries for you and consoles you, then she is madly in love with you rather if she tries to console you by saying, ‘don’t cry, this is what called life. We don’t get what we always desire’ then she is not serious about you.

Dear friend, know you know whether a girl is in love with you or not. I would genuinely advise you one thing, it’s hard to find a true love, if you get someone true loving, don’t lose that person. This would be your biggest loss.

Source by Pradeep Agarwal

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