The 1st birthday is very important to most new families. It marks the completion of one whole year of existence. Parents probably have noticed quite a bit of change in their baby during the first year as well. In the first year a baby will often triple his birth weight and make millions of important neural connections in the brain as he or she learns about their surroundings.

Decorations for the 1st birthday celebration should be bright or shiny. Young babies are stimulated by primary colors and it helps even more to form those important neural connections in their brains so you can add a boost to the 1st birthday by picking up some brightly colored plates, balloons and streamers. You may also be able to find educationally themed party supplies for the celebration such as Sesame Street decorations or Baby Einstein supplies.

Gifts for the first year old can be items that are symbolic of their growth and development. They’ll soon, if not all ready, be moving up to sipping cups. Pick up a few brightly colored sippers for the birthday boy or girl. Little felt hats make a practical gift to help keep them warm in colder months. Parents can have professional photos taken of their little ones and put in themed frames as party favors for the guests.

Around the time of your little ones first birthday, he or she will probably be very adept at crawling around and may even be attempting to walk a little. Be sure to allow plenty of room in a safe area for your baby to crawl around as they do their own meet and greet of the guests. This means putting a baby guard at the bottoms of any stairs you may have in the house, putting outlet protectors on each of the outlets in the rooms and making sure to cover all of the sharp corners on your furniture with a rubber guard.

Source by Gail Leino

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