Turning 21 is an exciting time in a young persons life. It celebrates becoming a legal adult and a 21st birthday party should be a time to remember forever. The type of 21st birthday party that is right for you depends on many different factors including, budget, the number of people attending and where it will be held. I have listed a few suggestions below:

Hollywood. Always a popular choice and not difficult for your guests to choose a character. It’s a great opportunity to take some photos with Marilyn Munroe, Elvis, The Blues Brothers, Jedi Knights and Crocodile Dundee.

Mardi Gras. A colorful and exciting theme that can be combined with great colorful decorations, music and entertainment. This is a fun, exciting theme.

Colors: Guest are to dress in a particular color or combination of colors. For example, guests are asked to dress in black and white, or red and blue. These can be the colors of your favorite football team or the colors of the rainbow.

Sci Fi: Aliens, robots, Star Wars, Star Trek and monsters can mingle together. You can make some great party food to complement this theme.

If you are having a themed 21st birthday party it is a good idea to have small gifts for the best (and the worst) dressed on the night. No matter which theme you choose you can enhance the overall effect of your event by decorating the venue, choose music to suit, and you can even have your catering fit the theme. There are some wonderful cakes you can buy in all sorts of amazing shapes.

During the evening you may wish to have a couple of speeches, usually just before the cake is cut. Having a slide show or video of your young persons life is great for laughs and bring back a lot of memories of the past 21 years.

You may, however, decide not to have a traditional party but instead celebrate with a family dinner at a restaurant. You can still theme the table and make your event special. Make sure you contact the restaurant to find out what they will allow. You may be able to have helium balloons, flowers or decorations and your own cake. Most restaurants are very helpful and go out of their way to assist you.

There are many different ways to celebrate and it is important that you do some investigating to choose the one that suits you most. Carefully pick you invitations. This is the first introduction that your guests will have to the party and will set the expectations of the event. Invitations can be hand made, computer generated, store bought or professionally printed. They can also be made in different shapes like a 21st birthday key or a movie ticket. This will depend largely on the type of party you will be having.

You also need to consider decorations, the type of music that will be played, catering, the cake, speeches, slide show and video content, gifts, security and the inevitable clean up. Instead of this being stressful it can, with a bit of planning, be a lot of fun and very satisfying.

Apart from the actual party, it is important to remember that your 21 year old will most likely want to also celebrate with friends in their own way. They may want to hit the night spots, or go for a trip together. If this is the case your birthday gift can be in line with helping this to come about, ie: cash for the trip and spending money, new clothes for their special night out or a limousine to the night spot.

A person’s 21st birthday party is a special time and, with planning, can be one for them to remember forever. Make sure you take plenty of photos and video.

Source by Kath Williams

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