We are all familiar with the saying, “A happier employees means more productivity,” but what else do we know about a happy employee? Are these people motivators for other co-workers? Are they naturally happy people that just continue to exude happiness into the workplace or do they really enjoy their jobs that much? These are valid questions that we shall seek to answer when uncovering insightful information about people who are happy at work.

4 Facts About Happy Employees

Some of these facts may seem straightforward, but after reading this, you might find more reasons than you imagined to cultivate a work environment that supports happy employees.

  1. Work Harder: We all saw this coming, but do we really understand the impact this has on a business? Hardworking, happy employees supply more productivity than you even thought possible! With unhappy American workers costing $300 billion per year in lost productivity, your boss may think twice about how he or she treats her workers. Happy employees generally work harder than those who are unhappy and discouraged; this was evident from a 2011 study conducted by the Harvard Business Review. This research found that the level of happiness has a direct effect on a worker’s creativity, productivity, commitment and office relationships.
  2. Healthier: Workplace stress has become a common influence on the health and well-being of employed individuals. This sickness leaves employees unfit and distracted while on the job, furthering the lack of productivity once more. The American Psychological Association found that chronic stress triggers fatigue, irritability and even physical maladies. Letting this stress become a constant issue in a work environment can become a vicious cycle.
  3. More Creative: Having a positive outlook and interest in one’s work leaves room for creativity and improvement. Most happy employees spend time completing tasks and working towards finding other solutions. Teresa Amabile, the co-author of The Progress Principle, found that “people are more productive and creative when they have more positive emotions.” Her research has also found that those who have used their happiness to form new ideas or complete difficult tasks will also use this creativity the next day as well. A little happiness goes a long way.
  4. Greater Sense of Community: Happy employees seem to always be the ones spreading cheer throughout the year to everyone in the office. Even though it is not in their job description to remember co-worker’s birthdays or to send flowers, they tend to be the one’s fulfilling this important obligation. Happy employees have this natural inclination to spread their happiness and productivity to others. Because of their outreach in the office, these people tend to have a stronger sense of community which translates into better relationships with co-workers. These people are perfect for boosting office moral and keeping the workplace community together. Every office depends on happy employees!

A happy employee can affect so much more than productivity in the workplace. We have seen how a positive spirit can boost community, health, creativity and organization within the office. People who enjoy their jobs are also more likely to say positive things about their workplace in private conversations and in more public settings through online company rating services like Glassdoor.

Happy employees tend to work hard day in and day out, while rubbing off their positive energy on others as well. Every office depends on these positive employees to increase loyalty and productivity on the job. These influential workers have shown why companies benefit from paying a little bit more attention to their employees’ morale.

Source by David Easterling

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