Are you looking for special birthday dinner ideas for a special person in your life? Even if this person says that birthdays are no big deal, the fact is that every person likes to feel pampered on this day.

You don’t have to spend a great deal of money to give someone a really extraordinary birthday; a few special birthday dinner ideas will help you make do with what resources are available. You do need to put your heart and mind into planning the event in order to make it truly exceptional. You also need to have a good idea of what the person’s preferences are when it comes to food and entertainment

1. A romantic dinner from two at home: Get your loved one’s favorite restaurant to cater the food and do up your home really beautifully. Use fresh flowers and a profusion of candles of all sizes to decorate the room. Make sure that your home smells really great as well.

2. A picnic at a really romantic location: If there is a beach or a hilly area nearby then you could organize a wonderful picnic there. Make sure that you carry a really special spread consisting of luxury foods, strawberries, champagne and the like.

3. A party with all your closest friends: Your loved one will have a great time if you can bring together all your friends in one place. You can throw a surprise party in order to make things more interesting.

4. Dinner at a restaurant your loved one really adores: Make sure that you make reservations at the restaurant so that there is no question of being made to wait. Call ahead and inform the restaurant about the occasion you are celebrating. Many restaurants will offer a dessert on the house if you are celebrating an important event. You could also call the restaurant to order a special birthday cake.

5. Dinner at a very special place, a cruise for example: Each place has somewhere special where a memorable dinner can be organized. Make sure that the catering at the place is really good or else the evening will not go off as planned.

Your loved one will feel very special when he or she sees how much trouble you have taken to make the birthday memorable. These kinds of birthday celebrations help keep the spark alive in your relationship for a long time to come.

Source by Rizvana Manzoor

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