Forget the flowers – Say it with romance!

Lets face it. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give flowers and candy to your significant other, not birthdays. They are just a little too cliche and it makes you look like you took the easy way out, especially if your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday happens to be Feb. 13th or 15th.

It’s far better to take the road a little less traveled and add some romance to the big day. And with just a little forethought and planning, you can turn your mate’s birthday into something the both of you will remember for a lifetime.

Here are just a few ideas to help you jumpstart your birthday planning:

Private Dinner for 2

Reserve an intimate table for two at your favorite restaurant. If you don’t have one, try a place that specializes in romance, such as The Melting Pot (which should be called Fondue Heaven). Have a bottle of champagne waiting at the table and bring your best manners along with you. Be sure to avoid loud places. Hooters or your favorite sports bar aren’t necessarily a good choice, unless your mate’s birthday falls on Super Bowl Sunday.

Plan a picnic

While this is a bit risky in the winter months, the rest of the year is a great time to plan a little birthday picnic for two. Call ahead to a caterer or your local supermarket (if they have a nice deli section) and order a complete picnic for two. Don’t forget the beverages, utensils, glasses and plates. If you have your own picnic basket, drop it by the supermarket so you can just pick it up on the way to your favorite hideaway.

Go back to where it all began

Returning to the place you met is always a romantic idea for a birthday, as long as it wasn’t in the middle of a freeway following an accident or at a restaurant that is now a strip club. If you met online, that can be problematic as well. Hopefully, the place you met will create fond memories and create a little romance for you. If you are really on the ball, bring your “special song” along and play it in the car after dinner.

What’s cooking tonight?

You don’t even have to go out for a romantic birthday celebration. If you know how to cook or at least can follow a recipe, make dinner for two. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. Just remember to pick a dish your significant other loves and don’t include any ingredients that will trigger a food allergy or the hives. Go all out – a salad, main course and dessert. Don’t forget the birthday candles (unless there are so many it will trigger a smoke alarm – never a good idea).

Make your getaway

Planning a little birthday getaway can be a lot of fun and oh, so romantic. Pick a place and don’t tell your mate. Just tell them what they are supposed to pack. Or better yet, pack a suitcase for them ahead of time and have it in the car, ready to go. Then see how long it takes before your significant other figures out where you’re going.

Source by Barry Mcgee

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