Birthdays at any age are an occasion worth celebrating! Some years that are milestones and have different acknowledgments and meanings. Traditionally a birthday is the anniversary of the day a person was born. It is their day and tradition also calls for family and friends to honor the birthday person.

Along with a banner or sign wishing the birthday person “Happy Birthday”, there may be decorations of balloons and ribbons placed about the birthday person’s office or home. Often times a decorated cake with candles is presented to the birthday person and everyone sings “Happy Birthday To You!” as the honored person blows out the candles and makes a wish then everyone claps, laughs and enjoys the cake and company.

These are things that take place every birthday, regardless the age of the person whose birthday it is. So how do you make that momentous birthday’s stand out even more? What can you do to make the party of turning 50 years old stand out from all the other birthday gatherings? Fifty is definitely a grand moment in our lives and you want to make a lasting impression not only for the honoree but the guests too. After all, we only turn 50 once.

For many people turning 50, family and friends may give them a surprise party. Months of planning will take place and you’ll want the guests to know well in advance. By sending 50th birthday save the date magnets, you are sure to not only let them know they are invited, but it will give them something to help them remember the date, time and location of this special event. Design the 50th save the date magnet with the words “Sssshhhh! It’s A Surprise” they can begin to plan their special gift and place this magnet where they will see it often and remember the event and to keep it a secret too!

Along with designing the 50th save the date magnets, order some personalized wine and water bottle labels too. Each guest will leave with their own personal keepsake of the event with the date and location printed on the label. How special the birthday person will feel to have a 50th birthday bottle of wine with their name and the anniversary of the day they were born on it! With a personalized message on the honoree’s own bottle, that will be a gift they will remember forever!

For the next special person in your life that is turning 50 years old, remember a customized birthday party they will never forget starts with the 50th birthday save the date magnet sent to all the guests and save one for the birthday person too! Then add a personalized bottle of their favorite wine graced with a memory of that person along with their name, birthday date and location of the party as a special gift they will never forget. Make that 50th birthday a one-of-a-kind share your feelings for that person.

Source by A. Myers Kennedy

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