Your 40th birthday is one of those birthdays which is always marked down as ‘special’. The saying goes ‘life begins at 40’ so you need to mark it with some killer creative birthday ideas. After all, your 40th birthday represents the start of the second half of your life and the transition into middle age. So if you are looking for some great 40th birthday ideas for yourself or anyone else approaching 40 read on.

First of all you could organise a themed party which could be fancy dress or may just represent a decorative theme. This could reflect the era when you grew up such as the eighties including the big hair, electronic music and shoulder pads. Equally you could choose a specific theme for your decor guiding your guests as to what to wear. A great example of this is a Hollywood party, with your house dressed up in scenes from famous movies, and your guests as movie characters. Whilst this is the one of the most creative birthday ideas (allowing lots of scope for creativity) it is also the hardest work but as 40th birthday ideas go it can be the most rewarding.

Number two on the list is to go away for a weekend, a week or longer – perhaps to somewhere that you have only a childhood memory of, or somewhere you have always longed to go. What about going for the weekend or even longer. London, New York, Paris, Munich (as the song goes) all await your visit!

Third on my list of great 40th birthday ideas is an ‘experience day’ – sometimes known as a ‘red letter day’ where you can go and do something you have always wanted to do – such as wing walking, driving a racecar around a racetrack, or a trip in a hot air balloon. These are one off events organised through a specialist company and are ideal as a special 40th birthday present. As far as creative birthday ideas go this takes some surpassing.

Need more 40th birthday ideas? Why not get tickets to your favourite sport, or favourite band, or the theatre. Then go out for a meal with the one you love. You only get to be 40 one time so treat your loved one, your family or your friends!

My fifth suggestion is to get away from it all on a themed weekend – such as a murder mystery weekend, or a spa break designed to relax you. Many hotels or guest houses offer very reasonably priced weekend packages.

Number six in the list of 40th birthday ideas is to hire somewhere out exclusively for you and your friends – a yacht, a manor house, a nightclub, a bowling alley – anywhere you can be all together but still ‘doing something’

And finally to number seven. The ultimate of creative birthday ideas is to not do anything at all. Do nothing on your 40th birthday! Have a lie in, watch telly, get a takeway, read a book, watch a movie, get drunk. Do absolutely nothing or as little as possible for a day. This could be the best of all the 40th birthday ideas!

Source by Andrew Thompson

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