If your father or any close person to your heart is having his or her 70th Birthday, then thinking a gift for that person can be a very difficult job. A 70th Birthday is a milestone which means that the person has been around for long time and has seen the world. Above this if the person is close to your heart like your parent then finding a 70th birthday gift idea is even more difficult.

You need something special a 70th birthday gift idea like shirt, socks, belts etc won’t do as people receive so many of these and you need a special 70th birthday gift idea. We are all told that birthdays carry prime importance and there are many parties which are given to us by our parents and family members. So, even we need to find a special 70th birthday gift idea for this special occasion.

A luxury timepiece or a wrist watch is a good 70th birthday gift idea. You might think that you need something different, but this gift has been carrying value since centuries and has been rather timeless. You should also consider the taste and preferences of the person. You should select the gift as per the character of the person as well. Creative, introvert, extrovert, conservative or aggressive people all have their preferences. You should value these factors if you want to find a gift that the other person will value.

When you buy a gift and forward it to the concerned person and if the gift matches his or her personality then the person will realize that you have really worked hard for selecting the gift. It shows that you really care for the person and have special place for him in your heart. A luxury watch gift shows that you really care for that person and shows your real love, care and affection.

There are different types of luxury watches available. Therefore, searching a luxury watch can also be a difficult job for someone who has never bought one. There are brands like Citizen which can offer you affordable watches and Rolex which offer very high and costly watches.

Price can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars and you should research well before buying a luxury watch. There are also many discount offers going on every time on one or the other brand. Therefore, you need to search for a brand offering discounts on luxury watches. The best way to get good discount is to search online. There are many websites which can offer you luxury watches at 70% discount.

Another great gift can be jewelry for ladies. Most ladies at 70 wear light and classy jewelry. Therefore, you can look in jewelry stores for appropriate jewelry. There are also many types of jewelry available today like platinum, gold, diamond etc. If you are looking for affordable jewelry then you can go for a gold ring. However, if you really want to make it special then look for a platinum ring with diamonds.

Rings can also be used for men and there are many rings available in market for men too.

Source by Allen Jesson

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