Birthdays are one of the most important events for a child while growing up. Waking up to the warm hugs of family members and going about the day while everyone around you treats you like you’re the single most important person in the whole wide world is an amazing feeling indeed!

Yes, a person; not a small child who is hushed out and shooed away whenever there is some kind of a conversation which involves active participation and/or decision making. Being a child probably has only one serious drawback right? You are never given the requisite acknowledgement even if you deserve it! It does tend to bother you after a set amount of time. No kidding! If I had had a say in planning all those birthday parties that shaped up my childhood years; I’d do a few things differently which would vibrate with most children who have felt being left out in planning their own day!

Active involvement in party themes and decorations – Not every child wants to have a room full of toys and candies with one elderly man with severe back pain crammed up into a joker suit trying to make everyone laugh.

Getting to choose their own party theme can actually showcase the creativity of a child and make sure that they get exactly what they want. Let them choose the props and designing items. Even the costumes if it is a good old costume party!

Choosing the guest list and party activities together – Most often than not; overeager parents invite guests according to their wish. This often leads to a child having an unexpected guest for a friend who could be the bully from school or miss out on having that special girl in class whom he is fond of.

Party activities are fun when the children are invested in them which can be possible only when they are allowed to choose the activities themselves. Hide and seek is old. Guess the killer is the new trend!

Choice of menu – It is the special day of your child and though almost every mother out there has a particular “special” dish which HAS to be cooked on this day; which child wouldn’t want to have their own personalized menu on their birthday parties?

And lastly; let their party be theirs – Rather than controlling or supervising every aspect of the party, parents can involve their children and/or their friends to delegate certain duties and then letting the kids be. They get to have their own chemistry and plus get a taste of what managing others is like. Unless there are some dangerous games; sit back and relax. See your kid take charge and own his party!

If given a chance, kids or toddlers (according to Adults); could show that birthdays are much more than just vibrant coloured balloons!

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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