Birthdays are undoubtedly one of the best memories we have of our childhood. Don’t you remember how exciting the preparations before the party used to be? We all wanted to do everything ourselves, didn’t we? But tried to find the satisfaction in blowing the one balloon we were given.

Birthday preparations are more than just parents trying to make the day special for their children. It is a chance for the parents to inculcate certain values and teach so many other things. The little ones are so excited that they will do everything they are told that is a task and a half on a normal day. How? Let’s discuss:

Venue: let the kids decide on where they want to have the party. Let the kids know that they are responsible for the party. It excites them to be in charge which is a good personality trait to develop.

Let them decide the theme and decorations: Instead of deciding everything themselves, parents should let the kids decide the theme. If your kid likes dinosaurs, then you could create something that would involve dinosaurs like a cake shaped like a dinosaur.

If you are asking them to blow the balloons, let them tell you how they want to decorate the house with those balloons. They cannot decorate the place all by themselves but ask them to tell you how to decorate and justify the theme. This small activity helps them in the decision-making process. If at a tender age you let them decide on small things like a theme, in the longer run it would be the most helpful.

Give wings to their imagination: Kids have the most amazing imagination. They think in a way we do not. Ask them for their comments, let them know you value what they have to say. For example, you can ask them to hand write all the invitations and color them. Give them the responsibility for preparing the invitations they send out. This inculcates a sense of responsibility in them.

They can also create activities, and you can arrange them. Help them in finding an activity they like. For example, if passing the parcel is the game, ask them to hand write all the cards that would be used in the activity.

Crafts: Let the children develop their artistic skills. This activity isn’t just fun but helps children to give wings to their creativity. You can help children in making handwritten cards or crafts as return gifts. You can help them make crowns with colorful papers as a part of the theme and so much more. This helps them to make the party their own and feel proud of it.

Welcome: Give them the responsibility of making name tags and give it to the kids on arrival. Kids love that, and children respond well when called by names. It helps in familiarizing them with each other.

These activities would keep kids busy and give parents time to do other stuff they need to. The above-listed points are some of the reasons the children should be more involved in birthday preparations. These activities help you teach them all the values you want in a way they enjoy. Isn’t it? Let us know your views.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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