Confetti, banners, balloons, pompoms all around the room; then soft drinks, cookies, candies, snacks all around a huge Birthday cake on the centre of a table; then the clappers and birthday song as your child blows the candles adorned on the cake and cuts it. The procession is followed by a scrumptious meal and then children play musical chairs ending up with the wails of the soft-hearted little girl who loses in the game and the elders consoling her. Is this all birthdays are about? You need to read further if your answer was yes.

Birthday parties can be more than just celebrations

The basic benefit of birthdays is not just recreation. These are the best moments for a child to build social skills and make memories.

The advantages of these celebrations can be enhanced by involving the kids in planning and organising their birthdays rather than the sole initiative of the parents in conducting the party.

It can be initiated with asking the kid what s/he wants and then helping him/her plan for the same. Involving the kid in decorations would lead to the incorporation of responsibility in them. They’d also be more keyed up about their birthday party then.

Enhancing innovation through decoration

Children should be encouraged to make the invitations on their own. They should be allowed to think freely how they’d want to decorate their birthday invitations.

You can also take the help of your kid in making the snacks and baking cakes and pastries for the event. It won’t only lead to learning of new activities but also save your expenses of buying the food.

If the kid has interest in music, dance or art & craft, this is the time to showcase it. You can get them to prepare a song or dance to perform on their birthday or make paintings or crafts to be used in the decoration. It won’t only enhance their aptitude and interest in these activities but also give them a sense of confidence when they’d receive applauses and compliments of their friends and others in the audience.

Theme Parties with a wider agenda

Theme parties shouldn’t be limited to just dressing in costumes. The agenda of such parties should be widened to enhance knowledge and creativity of kids.

Consider an example of choosing the theme of the party as Water. All the children would be told to dress up as anything related to water. These may include aquatic animals, a river or even as a drop. They may conduct a puppet show, play or poster making competition on the theme “Save water” and the decoration should include slogans and posters. Themes like Alphabets or numbers can be chosen for primary school children and science or history for elementary school children making education a part of recreation.

“Do-good” birthday parties

In the Mughal era, on his birthday the emperor was weighted against gifts which were distributed as charity. This practice has inspired the birth of charity parties.

Children can be told to decorate dolls on the party and these can be later distributed to kids of orphanage. By doing so, we may implant clemency in the hearts of children.

After all, charity begins at home!

Do you think we should organise birthday parties with a broader agenda involving kids in decoration and planning? What according to you are the other ways of involving kinds in birthday décor? Please feel free to share your views.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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