Keeping children engaged and entertained is a task for the best of us. It’s not just their attention spans or immaturity, it is even our impatience and incapability to handle children that makes it a difficult feat to accomplish.

What is especially difficult is throwing a child’s birthday party. The focus is on them and the adults have to take a back seat for the kids to truly enjoy themselves. However, as difficult as it may seem, there are ways to make a gathering that involves children, interesting for both the children and the adults. What is it you may ask? Involve them in the preparation! More specifically the décor and here’s why.

Practical lesson on valuable life-skills

Childhood is the time to learn, a lot more than academics has to offer. Parents of all households strive, to the best of their abilities, to teach children whatever they can. Making them decorate is a lovely idea because it teaches children – teamwork, valuing the result of one’s efforts, coordination, responsibility to mention a few.

These lessons are best taught through practice rather than theory as conventional education usually does. Thus, a good way to impart life-skills is by getting them to accomplish such tasks together without giving them too much responsibility that they can mess up something essential.

Unleashing their creative side

Children, when it comes to creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, are way ahead of us. Many things they do enthusiastically are a sort of vent for their creative energies. These efforts should be directed, chiselled, and allowed to flourish. Getting them to do as artistic a thing as the décor will bring to light skills even they weren’t aware they possessed. You may even end up with things you’d like to add to the décor of your interiors!

Activity itself can be a part of the party

As we are aware, children tend to be hyperactive and hard to discipline. A party at the least will last a few hours and unless it’s packed with activities from beginning to end will not succeed in keeping the children from mischief. By including the decoration as part of the celebrations, you make it something to look forward to, like a fun game. You even keep them occupied for an hour and have them help with the party.

Décor that suits the occasion

As adults, it is hard to get into a child’s mind and pick things that go with their tastes. The most authentic way to deal with this is by having children do the décor themselves. You can hit 2 birds with a stone as this may even prove to be the cheaper option. When giving children the chance, you let them improvise with the used items around the house. They will end up picking and creating things that will appeal to their age group.

Making things easier is often attainable, but we rarely open our eyes to the many ideas around us. Involving children in the birthday décor could revolutionise birthday parties for many an adult all over whilst making it fun and productive for the child as well.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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