Of all the special days in a year like New Year's Day or Christmas; Birthdays are unique to you alone and it is your exclusive special day.

Everybody no matter what the age is looks forward for their birthday. We eagerly await for the candidates, the cake, the wishes and the celebration. But is a birthday meant to be celebrated and forgotten? Is it just a party?

Parents, go all out to creating a perfect party. Event organizers have made a career out of this event. Party halls, clowns, magicians are booked. Return gifts finalized. Today's birthdays have become commercial and not so innocent. Kids compare each other's presences with avaricious eyes. There is a need to do do your best friend and we are sending a wrong message to these young people.

Can we think of spreading some altruism while we celebrate life? We always look forward to our birthdays how about others also looking forward to our birthday?

Some different themes for birthdays:

Age group 5 to 10:

Creating nests for birds / seed stands and bird baths: Take an old shoe box, line it with cotton or discarded clothes, paint it in different shades of green, brown. Make a hole at one end. Wrap it with tape so that it does not open and fix it on some trees in your society.

If that is difficult then you can affix them on your window or gallery grille also. If shoe boxes are hard to come by, you can use plastic bottles also. Just cut the tops off, the rest of the procedure is same.

Small birds like humming birds, warblers will prefer the bottles. Bigger birds like bulbulls, mynas will prefer the former. If you are lucky a parrot or a barn owl may also make home here.

Seed stands: Very easy to make: all you need to do is hang a plastic bottle, makes a few holes in them, insert 3 or 4 chopsticks through and through, these will be the stands. Fill them with bird seed and voila!

Bird Baths: Any old suspended dish filled with water can become a bird bath.

Involve all your friends, divide them into groups. Some can make nests, others can make birdbaths or the seed stands. Have a competition among the youngsters.

Long after your birthday is gone, you will be greeted by your feathered friends every day.

Pre-Teens or Early Teens:

Tree Plantation:

As your kids grow you can involve them in tree plantation activity. Again take the help of all your friends. Many NGO will give you free saplings and if there is no space in your society they will also tell you where you can plant them. Imagine looking at your birthday tree after many years later. Both of you have grown now, would not you feel wonderful!

As children grow into young adults exposes them to the realities of life, show them how privileged they are, let them learn to be grateful by celebrating their birthdays in an orphanage or with disabled children.

Cut the cake, throw a party with them and you will get more than presents, you will get blessings!

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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