Birthdays are the best reason to throw a party and celebrate with your loved ones. Everyone looks forward to their birthdays. Children are absolutely super excited to party and call their friends over. Since, the scenario is changing and even kids have a vast exposure to things through the digital medium, you can choose to involve them in their birthday prep. This will enhance their skills and make them feel super important.

Let them write the invitations

Instead of customizing graphic or handcrafted invitations, you should encourage your little one to draw or scribble something on the card. Then you can make them write the name, venue and time as well. This will look unique as well as enjoyable for your kid.

Brainstorm with them on a theme

Children observe a lot. Today's children are very smart and focused. You can sit with your child and decide on a theme. Children also imagine a lot. If you will convert their imagination in to a reality, they will be more than thankful to you. You can decide on the costume color and accessories as well. The invited children will also come with great zeal and enthusiasm. A themed birthday party is not only fun but also creates life long memories.

Let the little one take the charge

Not only the theme but you can give your child the permission to decide on the décor and the food menu as well. You can sit and discuss a list of their favorite items and create the party menu. At the end, your child and his / her friends have to eat and enjoy, so it is a good idea to include their favorites. Take your child to a party décor shop and let their imagination run wild. Make him / her choose the size and color of the balloons. You can also let them decide if they want party hats, masks and glasses.

Involve them in baking

You can definitely order their favorite flavor birthday cake from outside but, also try baking cute cupcakes and muffins with them. Involving them while baking a few extra cupcakes for the party is a good idea. Kids love to explore different things. You can ask them to stir the batter for you or simply put extra choc chips on the cakes. Your kid will enjoy this prep and will beam with joy front of his / her friends.

Return gifts

Take your child with you when shopping for a return gift. Let them have the final choice. You could make fancy paper bags to give the return gift. Craft those bags with your child and let him / her stick the decorations on the bag.

Involving your child in each of these activities will not only make them happy or excited but will enhance their creativity and decision making skills. Such kind of activities are necessary for the overall development and growth of the child. You can obviously help them while they are making the decision or are stuck somewhere but planning on their own will also help them gain self-confidence.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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