Birthdays! The best day for your kids to enjoy till their innocent heart is contended and that smile remains on their faces is not it? Want to make them more happy this year and put a full stop to their childish whines when you do not involve them? So why opt for materialistic happiness when you can make your kids happy just by engaging them in the decors, giving them an opportunity to show their little creative minds!

Well, here are certain ideas that are going to lessen those crease lines on your forehead.

1) Giving their painter minds an escape

Most of the kids now- a- days love to play with paintings, splash their pool of imagination on a background. Why do not you give them that platform? You could have allowed them to paint drawings like their favorite cartoon figures or Disney figures. This will not only make them smile and excited but also will sharpen their creative mind.

Also you can ask them to fill the drawing with their hand prints. It's kind of dirty, Yes. But not boring or dull. It's worth your cleanliness, after all you will get to see the jolly and bouncy figure of your kids, grinning from ear to ear.

2) Give them the fun of playing with clay

Clay moldings, a fun business. Kids love to make different models with clay. They enjoy the way they can give innumerable shape to a particular clay piece, putting their creative ideas in it. You can use it as a return gift for his / friends.

3) BANNER- their creation

That's a little bit tricky. After all they are So young, how can we just expect them to create a marvellous and spellbinding banner is not it? If you are afraid, then here is the solution. Bring forth the letter cutting in front of your children and make them color it. Again a painter, then what's new? Want to know?

Often kids are asked in schools about their family, friends. But most often they can not express their love for families out loud. So make this birthday a best opportunity where they can tell how they feel about you. Let them write on the thermocol letters. Let them express how much they love you because that will allow his innocent mind know what you mean for them.

4) Paper games

Art and craft! Yes you heard it right. They should do more art and craft not only in schools but in homes also. But when? If that's where you are stuck, then let's wash away your dilemma in this birthday. You could make them do paper cuttings and prepare different decor items like star paper lanterns, flowers to decorate the tables, twisted roads that they can hung at the door while sitting on your shoulder! Is not that fun?

Balloons are not just the only way to celebrate. Birthdays are in fact not about having a party. It's also about an occasion when you can show others the creator in your child. After all you being the parents, are the nurturer.

Do you agree with this fact? Do you want to nurture that amazingly hidden creator in your little child who someday in future can achieve great things? Sometimes they should also have fun in creating their own things, no matter how meagre they are. It's said, great things come from little, innocent minds!

Source by Achal Mehrotra

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