Kids love celebrations, especially their birthdays. Once their birthday passes by, they just can not wait for their next birthday. As any parent, you always want their birthday to be special. Why not make it more special by giving them the feeling of being grown up?

Involve Them in Preparation

Yes, it's time that they get involved in their birthday preparations and not just celebrating it. Kids are fully charged for their birthday months ahead so begin the planning for the birthday party two weeks ahead. Get your birthday boy / girl to plan with you. Sit down and discuss every minute detail for the party, right from menu, theme etc.

Here are some ideas that can help you get your child involved in the preparations:

1. Make a List: Many consider deciding on how to arrange the party and then make the list, but the list of friends should have made first so you can know how many kids are coming so you can plan accordingly. Make your child to make the list and do not push them to invite someone they do not want to.

2. Plan a Theme and Menu: Once the list is ready, tell your child to decide a theme (again let them decide, yes if can not decide, give them ideas) and the menu.

3. DJ: No music no party. Yes big or small all love to dance on songs in parties. So if you can book a DJ or if you have a music system at home, get a good collection of your kids favorite dance tracks ready. If you do not have a music system, no issues, just plug your Android device into a large speaker via USB port, your DJ is all ready.

4. Invitation Card and Decorations: This should be done at least two weeks before if not more. Make your child to make the invitation card and decorations. You can search the net on how to make decorations.

5. Activities and Games: Let your child plan the games and activities that will be played on the birthday. Give ideas, but let them be the one to pick.

6. Distribute Invitations: Go with your child to give the invitations personally. If someone is from the school, send the invitation card / s with them to school so they can give and on returning home ask if given. If you have to call them, let your child invite them to his / her birthday.

7. Goody Bag: Get your child to pick the goody bags and what to put inside like chocolates, toffees or gifts as memoirs of the party.

8. Unexpected: This is generally for you. Be ready for the unexpected. Any extra kid, extra adult accommodating the guests. If adults are coming, then do something for them as well, so they do not get bored.

Though every birthday of your child is special for you, but it's your child's day so making it special for them is more important. Giving them to indulge in the preparations, will make them feel proud at the end of a successful party as happy guests leave with a beaming face. And, this will give your child a moral boost as well, cause of the accomplished achievements.

Source by Achal Mehrotra

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