Well, finally that day has arrived when your house will be full of balloons, candles, cake, gifts and lots more. Your day will start with the wishes and will also end in that same way if you are a “Dior child”, I mean famous child. Mom must be planning for your party and decoration and your daddy must be making a list of your friends, after all, it’s your BIRTHDAY. Everything should be perfect and what about your kid? Are you helping them or just sitting and watching Doremon? Come on champ, it’s your day.

There are small things that your child can do for his/her birthday.

1. Inviting friends: well it’s a huge day and every child is excited about it. A few things like inviting his/her friends, informing them when and where to come etc. let your kid do that as it will make him happy and responsible too. Teach him how to invite people so that he/she can learn the proper way.

2. Blowing up a balloon: next thing what your child can do is a very easy and simple i.e blowing up a balloon. Let him choose the colors and blow them. Tell your child help her father in decorating them.

3. Games: games are the best part. Whatever games you are planning for birthday allow your child to be a part of it. Take help of your child in preparations.

4. Theme party: if you are planning a theme party, allow your child to take a decision for his theme. Take the help of your child in creating stuff for your decided theme. This will help your kid to take his own decisions. He will for sure do some mistakes but that’s the first step of learning.

5. Time to welcome: all set and now it’s time to attend the guest and welcome them. So why not your child do that? How to warm welcome people being a parent teach that. Thank you for gifts, welcome uncle and aunty, a pleasure to have you etc. are small things which might no one bother but makes a lot of difference in personality. This will make a difference in your kid personality which will help him in a future run.

Birthdays are meant for a celebration of that day when you have taken birth on this wonderful planet. Birthdays are not limited to cakes, balloons, games. It is more than these things and being a parent it is important to teach your kid. Birthdays are like a rebirth. No matter what happened yesterday or day before yesterday, you still have a chance to improve, you still have time to plan your life in a new way. And if you involve your child in birthday preparations, your child will evolve as a responsible and active person.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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