In life, we reach so many milestones and achieve so much that time seems all at once to stand still and rush by. We think that we have all the time in the world when we’re younger but before you know it, you’re in another stage of your life, and then another! Keeping tabs on time is an elusive thing. There are lots of ways in which we try to capture it though, to hold the moment still so that we can remember in times to come how precious that day, week or year was.

One way that we try to remember the past is by taking photographs as a lasting record of the fun we’ve had. Almost everyone you know is likely to have some photographs stored somewhere which show some key moments they adored, the parties, the weddings, the family gatherings. There will be festive photos of Christmas trees and fancy dress parties from Autumn, maybe even Summer BBQs!

Then, another way we try to remember times past are to video record events such as weddings! Who hasn’t seen some embarrassing footage of their dad (and or) uncle dancing at a wedding? Then, finally we might also keep a diary and write in it religiously so that we have a guide from which to reflect on our life when we are older.

There is another way to look back through time though and you don’t need a crystal ball or to have kept a big pile of photographs throughout the years to do it. We’re talking about original newspapers. You see, newspapers from any year at all can be bought for under 40 and they usually come in a special presentation box saying ‘a day to remember’ on the front.

What’s more, original newspapers make brilliant birthday presents, because they can offer someone insight in to what the world was really like on the day that they were born.

Newspapers and Memories

There are so many benefits to giving people original newspapers as gifts; firstly they can be fun to read through with your friends. They’re personal because you can choose a date which really has meaning to you when you select a paper and finally, they’re a lasting memento which means that over time, they only become even more interesting! They can be revisited time and again to offer the same interest, amusement or sentimental feelings.

There are a few occasions when newspapers make outstanding gifts, one such occasion is a birthday and you can pick out the birthday date of the person you’re giving it to. Another interesting occasion is a wedding anniversary as you can choose the wedding date and it can make a really romantic anniversary or Valentine’s gift! It’ll let you think back to your special day and remember what was going on in the world at the time; conjuring up so many fond memories of your honeymoon and early married life.

Times in your life when big events have occurred can also be important to many people, for example the death of Princess Diana, and the moon landing may or may not hold place in some people’s heart. If you know someone who really cares about such a big event, like the death of JFK or the inauguration of President Obama original newspapers could make thoughtful presents for them no matter what time of the year it is. Even Christmas!

A Wonderful Gift

Throughout our lives there are many special dates and some of these events are documented in the original newspapers that were printed at the time. Precious memories are one of the best gifts you can give anyone and that makes one of the second best gifts; some help to jog their memory and remember those fun and exciting times!

Some of us have a few friends or relatives who we consider ‘hoarders.’ You might instantly recognise what we mean by that if there is one in your life! They love photographs and have family albums which they like to show to guests. For people like this original newspapers make especially good gifts because they can also be taken out when guests visit and they will be an interesting reminder of a time now past.

It is these sentimental people who appreciate newspapers the most; they might be a grandmother or grandfather, a parent, or an aunt. You might even be married to someone who loves their photo albums and keepsakes! Looking at an old newspaper can be like going back in time and that’s priceless.

Source by Robin M Smith

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