When you look at the success of Sesame Street, Electric Company, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, and Clifford the Big Red Dog, it's not a far stretch of the imagination for Barney and Friends to be a top-rated television program for children. The non-profit Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has a history of providing quality television programming for children as well as adults. The reason PBS is so successful with children's programming is probably related to it combining entertainment and education. Children have fun and learn at the same time. You can have the same result when you have a Barney birthday party.

By the time children reach their first birthday, they are usually familiar with most television shows. Whether it is his vivid purple color or sweet disposition, Barney captivates children. A theme party of the affectionate Tyrannosaurus Rex can bring much fun and merriment to a child's first birthday. Including some of the activities from the Barney and Friends show will keep the young party guests entertained. Parents can paint faces and put on a hand puppet show.

What would a Barney birthday party be without his name "I love you" song? Adults that are attending the birthday party may be annoyed, but young children can not seem to get enough of the love-inspired song. At some point during the party, have the children should sing the song. An adult dressed in the costume could lead the children through the song. The parent dressed up in the Barney suit could surprise the children with candy and / or gifts. The cost will vary, but on average an adult Barney costume rents for about $ 100. An alternative is to have the children wear costumes of characters on the Barney and Friends show.

Source by Gail Leino

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