Birthday is the time to celebrate all the growing up and learning of one whole year as we move forward in life. It also signifies the coming year that will bring its own set of adventures and moments. Undoubtedly, this is the day to celebrate and rejoice the fact that you have the best gift ever- the gift of life.

On your birthday, make sure every moment is special. Of course, the party and the cake will happen but there is more you can do to make this day a grand celebration. Start off by giving yourself a day off. Get an appointment with a salon that you think is too expensive for a normal day. You could even get yourself a relaxing day at the spa. If you want to spend the day off with someone special, book a cozy table in your favorite restaurant. Remember, your birthday is the day when you do anything that you wish to do. Don’t let the price and other small things hold you back. Indulge in yourself on your birthday.

Of course the actual birthday party is the highlight of the day. Make sure you put in an extra effort to make it memorable. First of all decide who all you want to spend it with. The guest list can make or break the memories of your birthday. Even if the guests consist of only a few friends and relatives, you can be assured that you will have a good time if they are the people you want spend the day with.

Make it a theme party. Choosing an appropriate theme will make things a lot simpler. You can pick all your decorations and party items depending upon this theme. If you want to have a dress up or costume party on your birthday even that is a great idea. It gives you a chance to let guests break the ice with one another and make your party a real success. The best thing to complement the theme is the birthday return gifts that play an integral role in adding extra charm and spark to a birthday party.

Then there is choosing music for a birthday party. Choosing popular dance numbers will keep your guests entertained throughout the party. You can even organize a dedicated dance floor to make your birthday a hit.

Decorations in your party must be hip and fun. If they are wacky and fun, they will act like conversation starters among the guests. Another thing with birthday parties is the food. The cake is the star of the show, undoubtedly. If you can have the main course or the appetizers to suit your taste, you can be assured that your party is a super hit.

Planning a birthday party is a personal thing. If you are throwing a party for someone else, make that even a complete dedication to that person with a heart-warming personalized gift. You will be surprised at the emotions that it will trigger and this is sure to bring a smile on your face.

This year treat yourself to a birthday party of a lifetime!

Source by Jennie Kakkad

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