Oops! It is too bad to forget birthdays of loved ones, but once it is remembered then no time should be wasted to wish "belated happy birthday." Sometimes it is hard to remember birthdays of our loved ones'. But at the eleventh hour your in built alarm clocks might exploit you, the electronic birthday memos may not be at work due to power failure or even because the battery no longer survives, the mobile phone may forget to ring at the right time only because you have switched it off or may have forget where you put that and could not find it out at present. So reminders may often cheat you but do not feel overwhelmed and worried, loved ones are always there and wish them instantly saying the person whose birthday it was, is so special for you that you took so much time to think how beautiful you should wish and what gift you should bring. That may be an excuse; but none the less that could be a sweet gesture in order to bring back the smile you are looking for in the face of the birthday boy or girl.

Birthdays are very much significant for the person whose birthday it is and for the others as well, because this is the single day when the beloved person had seen the light of the world. We in our society live inside a nest like surrounding rescuing us all the time in the hurdles of life. We are always wrapped up with love and care with our family and friends. They are responsible to enlighten our lives with great happiness and joy. So its our duty to remember our their birthday. May be it is our parents, brother or sister, grand parents or uncle and aunt, or even our friends, teachers or colleges; we should never forget their birthdays. But if the mistake is been acknowledged and corrected as soon as possible then there remains no harm. So if one fine day you suddenly remember that the day before yesterday was your best friend's birthday and he or she tried to remind you through hinting gestures again and then, then my friend, you might feel sorry but do not miss the opportunity that god gifted you to wish him or her once again by reminding you about the forgotten day.

Belated birthday desires definitely contain a card expressing that it slipped of your mind and you feel sorry from your heart. A greeting card along with the adorable gifts as per the choice of the birthday boy or girl may help you to lessen your guess. Buy special gifts like soft toys, jeweleries, jackets, tie, bags, hats, flowers, fashionable wardrobe or foods like chocolates and cakes and sweets for foodies. Expressing your sincere apologies in absolutely lovely gestures and and cuddly manner often work undesiredly awesome.

There are many Uncle Podgers living around. I hope you remember the story of the silly forgetful Uncle who used to shout loudly for magazines and newspapers while sitting up them. Actually that Uncle Podger lives inside every one of us. We forget things so easily and sometimes make embarrassment for ourselves as well as for people around. Sometimes we get scolded and punished for those while in school. While forgetting birthdays one loses the chance to enjoy the party as well as the special menu. Sometimes we scold ourselves for forgetting these kind of birthday party. But its true that when it comes to the emotions one should never play with it and should express the heart felt apology as well as the washing message on his or her sweetheart's birthday but but as soon as possible.

Source by Kate Rogres

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