Some couples who have been trying nearly everything to find their lifelong soul mate, are often surprised to find out how valuable birthdate numerology compatibility can be. By using numerology compatibility, a person can use critical components of their birth month, day and year to find out information about themselves and their actual compatibility with another person based on their own numerology.


The History of Numerology Compatibility


The origin of the science of numerology is said to have begun by Greek mathematicians. It is traditionally thought to be associated with a mythical connection between numbers and living things, including the compatibility of people based on their birthdays. Today through professional numerologists or tools available through books or even the internet, ordinary people can get an assessment of their compatibility with a potential mate.


How to Use Numerology for Compatibility


In the case of birthdate compatibility numerology, there are certain numbers that represent specific qualities. The number seven in birthday numerology is thought to have personal quality elements that can be commonly mis-identified. If you identify your potential companion as a 7, you may be the only one to see their shy and withdrawn traits as focus and quiet observation which are very different in nature. Conversely, if you find you are a 7, you may want to be careful about how you can be misinterpreted by others as reserved rather than perceptive. 


For people wishing to find their birthday numerology compatibility with a potential soul mate, the most basic assessment begins with finding your personal destiny numbers by adding together all of the birthday digits for you or your potential companion. For example, if you were born on 03/12/1979, your digits add up to 1994. Next, you would add the digits of 1994 to arrive at 23 and after adding those digits you will arrive at 5. For someone that is a potential companion with a birthday of 02/03/1973, the digits add up to 1978, then add up to arrive at 25 and then add up to 7.


A couple with a 5 and 7 combination is considered to be representative of a couple who will miss each other when they are apart. Conversely, a 5 and 9 combination is often thought to be one where those involved are curious but may overlook necessary structured, unspontaneous things such as personal finances and future planning. It is not quite as bad as a 6 and 7 combination where getting along is nearly impossible. A combination of 9 and 9 is considered to be one of the best matches.


What Does it All Mean


Numbers one through nine are the primary range of numbers used with numerology charts. For the most part, you utilize birthday digits to continually add up until you arrive at a single digit. However, if you arrive at certain pivotal numerology numbers in your birthday compatibility numerology assessment, you will find special significance with these numbers. For example, the number 22 is thought to be a number that has special meaning in numerology. In some cases, a 22 that adds to a 4 is considered to be a higher power 4 than say a 1 and 3 which also adds up to a 4.


In birthdate numerology compatibility, a typical quality of a 4 is hard working, traditional and foundation building. A classic 4 is someone who will work hard to make the elements of their life happen, but an elevated 4 will not only make their own life happen, but they will constantly be looking at the bigger picture. A normal 4 will want to get the job done today, an elevated 4 derived from a 22 will want to get the job done today, put measures in place to make it easier for others and create the ability for future jobs to be done faster, better and more efficiently.

Source by Megan Taylor

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