The birthday is a very special occasion for people as it is the day that marked his or her birth and therefore signifying the person’s age. It doesn’t really matter if the person is eight years old or 80, the need to celebrate another year in his or her life is a part of one’s existence in their world. Birthdays affirm that a person is still alive and trying to live his or her life amid all the troubles and problems he or she may have encountered.

Different cultures around the world have different ways of celebrating birthdays, although it’s becoming more and more common to have a cake for his special occasion. Nowadays, almost anywhere, people are enjoying natal day celebrations with the presence of cakes and other delicacies which vary from country to country.

But what would a cake be without a birthday candle? To a birthday celebrant, a candle or candles on a cake would make the birthday more meaningful and significant since this is the time that he or she could blow a candle and make a wish.

There are varying beliefs as to why must a birthday candle be blown after the celebrant has secretly made his or wish. It is believed that when the person celebrating the birthday blows the lit candle, the smoke from the candle would bring that person’s wish to heaven and hoping that his or her wish would be granted. After all, what’s the point of making a wish on your birthday if you have no desire for it to come true? Of course, everybody wants their wish to come true if only for that special occasion in their life that happens once a year.

Just as there many kinds of cakes there are also assorted kinds of birthday candles. Usually, for the kids, they want colourful birthday candles as colors appeal to their senses. Candles designed for children are also of many shapes and sizes so children and parents can have many choices.

For adults, they don’t concern themselves with all the fancy things that would make a child’s day complete. The usual birthday candle of choice for the grownups is the number candle, a candle that is shaped like a number that signify the year of the birthday celebrator, like, 20 or 35. Despite its simplicity and functionality, some kids would also prefer number candles so their cake would not cluttered with so many candles which are so hard to blow all of them at the same time.

Source by Wayne Nusbaum

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