Parents putting together a birthday party for their kids will surely have lots of different birthday character possibilities to choose from in deciding the theme of their child's party. When picking out a character you'll need to keep in mind several things. The age of your child and their friends and what their favorite hobbies and television shows are. You could even pick a character from a video game if that's what your child is into.

Winnie the Pooh is great for kids as young as one year old and up to seven or eight years old. Some adults even like Winnie the Pooh enough to throw parties based on his character from the hundred acres woods. This character is also appropriate for both genders and makes a good character for coed birthday parties.

Dora the Explorer is a character on a television show named after her. She lives in a Latin American country and is geared towards preschoolers. This makes a great birthday character to theme your kid's party after if you know that your child is adventurous or likes to go on quests of his or her own. You can also combine this with a fiesta style birthday party with a piñata.

Some of the Sesame Street characters will make excellent birthday party characters for children in elementary school. Sesame Street is about learning and sharing and the characters are great for birthday parties of kids in this age group. You can also find lots of Sesame Street party supplies online to help decorate the party.

Older kids might have different tastes. Kids still in middle school might go for a Disney Gang party with all of the characters that have been associated with Disney. You could also hold a Disney Princess party for an all girl's birthday party. Boys might like a Sponge Bob Square Pants Party.

Source by Gail Leino

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