When it comes time to celebrate the birthday of your son, grandson, nephew, or cousin, one of the first things you do is start tossing ideas around in your mind as to what kind of gift to give him. If your son is invited to a party at the home of a friend, you want to be sure he arrives with an appropriate gift and one that will be appreciated by the recipient and their parents. One of the best ways to approach the gift selection process is to consider the child's age, personality, living situation, and special interests.

Toddlers and preschool boys generally like toys that they can ride. They like toys that require creative thinking such as puzzles and building blocks. Pop-up books and coloring books are great gifts for this age range. Some sports related items may also be appropriate for this age group. Young children like toys that resemble things that see their parents use. A young boy would probably have hours of fun with a toy lawn mower or tool chest like dad's, or possibly a make believe barbecue grilling set. Sidewalk chalk is a fun gift for young children.

As young boys mature, they often become intrigued with science. Astronomy, the solar system, creating, and inventing, all turn into adventures for a young boy. They also became more interested in electronic games and equipment. Toys that encourage building and creating are always a hit with boys ages 6 to 10. Books, posters, movies, and board games are also possible gift ideas.

As boys head into the tween years, the gift selection process becomes a little more complicated. DVD players and an array of electronic games and gadgets pique their interest. You should try to find gifts such as a camera, sporting equipment, movies, or various other items that relate to their specific hobbies and interests, even if you can not figure out why a certain thing interests them. Gifts of movies, music, and books should be related to topics and styles that they enjoy. Some tween boys would be very pleased to receive clothing with team logos as a gift.

Just as a birthday is a personal celebration, the gift should be something relevant to the recipient and their interests. You may have to ask some questions before selecting a gift in order to find out the most appropriate present to give. This is especially true if the gift is for a child you do not know very well.

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