So, "a special someone's" birthday is coming up and you still have no idea what to give her? You need something perfect to reflect the relationship that you have already invested a lot of time in, and some flowers and a nice card may not cut it this time. Well, my friend, in an instance like this, we need to go to a whole new level to impress that girl. Where flowers and cards fail, jewelry is sure to score. However, not just any jewelry, custom built jewelry. This jewelry should contain a design that symbolizes something about the last year of her life, and your relationship. That is sure to impress her.

Believe it or not, having a custom piece of jewelry built is much easier than most people think. The stereotypical misconceptions make it seem like an arduous process that requires an exorbitant amount of money. This simply just is not the case. Really, all of that is based upon where you go to get this project done.

I would strongly suggest staying away from the main jewelry stores. Typically, they are unable or unwilling to work with you at designing a custom piece, and if they were, it would not turn out as good as if a jewelry designer did it. So, hop on over to your small, local jewelry shop, where they actually make their jewelry on sight, and have a talk with the artist himself. They will be able to assist you from there in making the birthday gift that will be talked about for days on end.

Source by Xander Krieg

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