There is an ancient old saying – “men will always be men”. Not many are aware of whoever spoke these words first or how this phrase came into being. Another universally known fact, although its sources are unknown as well, is that shopping for men is extremely difficult. Gadgets and video games are the top gift choices for men, followed by accessories and may be alcohol. However, these clichéd gift ideas have become the last resort when one cannot find anything suitable for the male recipients. Men may or may not always be men and it may or may not always be too easy to find an ideal gift for them. Nevertheless, men are human too, and when it comes to shopping for them, there too is a ‘silver lining’.

Birthdays are one of the occasions, when shopping for husbands actually seem the most daunting task one has ever done. One wants the gift to be personal, and yet not offending; the recipient must ‘love’ the gift but at the same time, it should also be practical. With so many things to think about, choosing the right gift would certainly be quite exhausting, let alone cost you some of your precious time.

Here are some uncomplicated, inexpensive and sincerely ‘Just because’ birthday gifts ideas for husbands, just because these men in our lives are too important receive more of the tried and tested, clichéd gifts.

Favour Coupons: From naughty to nice, make twelve favour coupons (one favour per month), which he can ‘redeem’ at the most opportune times.

Beer: Pick a six-pack of his favourite brand of beer; tie a bow around it, and write a handwritten note, such as “Just because, with you, good times never end.” or “Just because not loving you is un-beer-able.”

Chocolate Bouquet: Men love chocolates too! Depending on what your man prefers, dark or milk chocolate, preparing a chocolate bouquet is easy. Go ahead and personalise a couple of them to add a unique touch to the gift.

Lift the Spirit: Take zip-pack and put in an eraser, a Re. 1 coin, a little dinky car, an elastic band, glue stick, a paperclip, and a family picture (passport size), including his closest friends. Insert a note explaining the significance of each item, such as “A glue stick to mend all those broken relationship.” “A picture for something to remember us by.” “A coin so that you will never be poor”

Work Survival Kit. Fill an emergency kit with his favorite coffee, cookies (homemade or otherwise) and a stress ball so that he can continue to keep working hard.

Old yet New: Take an old picture, which is also his most favourite memory of all times. Get it enlarged and nicely framed to give it to him on his birthday.

The Love List: Make a list of 100 reasons to love him. Ask family and friends to contribute as many reasons as possible. They could be ranging from humorous to heartfelt and some even sexy, but they have to be genuine reasons. Compile, print and frame the reasons and send it him through mail to surprise him.

Personalised Photo Books: Try to acquire a good number of rare pictures of him from family and friends. Put together a scrapbook starting from the day he was born to the day just before the day you are supposed to give him this gift. You can write a short message reminding him of the story/memory behind each picture.

The Love Letter: Writing love letters is now a lost art, therefore, he would not be expecting one at all. Do not forget to make it fragrant just like good old times.

Hence, the ‘silver lining’ or the positive aspect of shopping for a man is that men have emotions too, and when your gift appeals to their emotions, the gift is then the best of all birthday gifts for men.

Source by Iliena Bosu

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