We all love to recognize the birthdays of our loved ones, friends, and family members with meaningful and unique gifts. Some people, though, are easier to buy for than others. Perhaps a good friend has clear loves, hobbies, and the like, making them easy to buy for. Maybe a loved one is good at letting you know exactly what they want for their upcoming birthday. For every person in your life who is easy to buy for, there’s someone who is a tough to pick out gifts for. Very often, these toughies are old men.

Picking out birthday gifts for old men is a challenge first and foremost because they already have most of what they need day-to-day. When they do have a need, old men tend to fill it on their own, preferring to be independent to asking others for gifts. While this can make it difficult to pick out birthday gifts for old men, it’s also an opportunity to buy a gift that they would never think to buy for themselves – something unique and meaningful. Here are a few ideas:

Birthday Newspaper: I’m not suggesting you swing by the news-stand on the way to the party. There are a number of services that can provide you with an authentic newspaper from just about any specific date ranging back to the late 1800s. What an interesting walk back through history this can provide. Think of the impact the gift of a newspaper from the day of their birth, their marriage, or other important life event would have on the old man in your life.

Land – Lots of Land: Yes, you can pick up 50 mini-parcels of land for only a few dollars for your grandfather. Of course don’t expect too much for the twenty bucks. You’ll get fifty one-inch square plots; one in each of the 50 states. But I’m sure he’ll love the legal Deed of Land supplied with his name on it. You can frame it or put it on a plaque. Now he’ll have 50 different places to dream about retiring on (not really!) but fun!

Old Time Radio Shows: When choosing birthday gifts for old men, consider that they might enjoy taking a walk down memory lane by re-listening to some of the greatest radio shows ever produced. The golden age of radio is long past, but remembered fondly by many senior citizens. Unfortunately, it’s pretty unusual to hear these shows rebroadcast over the air nowadays. Fortunately, you can purchase compilations of variety and sketch shows, radio dramas, detective stories, and much more, including an excellent collection put together by media legend Walter Cronkite himself.

Ballpark Pens: In generations past, baseball truly was the American pastime, and just about everyone was a fan of the game. This means that most old men have some fondness for the sport, and cherish memories of sitting in the cheap seats at this stadium or that, long-since demolished, replaced, or changed forever. Enterprising business-folks have reclaimed to wood from these old stadium seats and have turned them into pens, corkscrews, bottle-openers, and other novelty items. Imagine presenting the old man in your life with a useful item crafted from the seats he sat in while watching the memorable games of his youth.

Source by Scott Moger

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