Most people look forward to their birthday. They may not admit it outwardly, but most people do look forward to the day that marks their birth. As a result, it is important to do everything we can to make birthdays special for those we are closest to. Here’s how to do it.

Make sure you understand that this day should be all about the birthday person. Make sure for the whole day the birthday person knows you feel this way-that the day is all about them.

Start the day off by greeting them with a happy birthday wish and telling them that today is “All about you!” Trust me; starting their day off this way is a great beginning to what will be a very special day. Saying this to the birthday person will really make them feel good.

If they have something special they like for breakfast or a certain morning drink (like coffee or tea fixed a certain way) try to prepare this for them. If there is something they usually do around the house before starting their day offer to do this for them. Better yet, just do it and when they find it done it will make them happy.

Through the course of the day try to do little things for the birthday person that you know they would like. Send flowers or balloons. Especially if they have to go to work-send something to their place of work. Have it delivered early in the day so they can enjoy it all day and so that everyone at work knows has plenty of time to be remembered it is their birthday.

You might want to write a short note letting the birthday person know that you love them and how much they mean to you and put in their purse or wallet-somewhere they will come across it later in the day. That will add to making them feel special. Picture it now, the smile that will come over their face as they open and read your unexpected note.

If you are separated for a long period throughout the day, call them on the phone a couple of times. Ask how their special day is going. Let them know you have been thinking of them. Fill them with anticipation of the surprise that you have in store for them later that day or evening.

Be sure, of course to have a special celebration planned. It can be a big party or just an intimate affair for the two of you. Keep in mind what the birthday person might prefer. After all it is their day.

Whatever your plans, make sure you let them know with plenty of advance warning so they can get prepared. This is especially true for women. You don’t want the birthday ruined because they did not have enough time to get ready or dress appropriately for what you have planned.

If you can, save a little gift to give to the birthday person at the end of the evening when it is just the two of you again. That way you will finish the day the way it began making it memorable and very special.

Source by Mark S Myers

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