I’m trying to stay positive about birthday parties, especially when I have to plan and celebrate 3 which are just around the corner.

I’ve always been big on celebrations, up until recently. In a span of 2 weekends I had 6 birthday parties to attend. Yes, I know I had a choice and could have said no, however I do it for the kids. Yes, it’s all about the kids. Yes, the kids.

It’s great to see the kids running around having fun at these birthday parties. All the parents thinking the same things, “it’s better here then at home” and “yes, that’s good go ahead and tire yourselves out”.

In theory it may seem like a great idea to have your kids get tuckered out at a birthday party and then when they get home they will be too tired to act up. Unfortunately for me this usually back fires.

There are a few things going against us. First of all, do your kids really eat a good meal at a birthday party? Not mine! It’s bad enough that I have trouble feeding them on a regular basis but try getting your kid to eat at a birthday party, it just isn’t going down.

Second, The Cake. Can you imagine the amount of sugar in that piece of cake that your kid is eating? I would guesstimate that it would be more then enough sugar to fill a cavity.

Third, The Candy. Now my kids love to go through the loot bags before leaving the party. Luck has it there usually is something good and sweet in the bag.

So after the party is over and all the fun has ended, my kids get that last surge of energy from the sugar. Yes they are wound up like the energizer bunny and there’s no stopping them now. “They keep going and going and going”!

It takes us a while to get them into the car and buckled into their seats. Finally we get them strapped in and we start the car and are headed for home, they crash. Yes the sugar rush has peaked and dropped, now they are down for the count.

The question is, do we wake them up when we get home or do we let them sleep? Either way we are doomed! You wake them up they are going to be irritable and cranky. You let them sleep and they will be up all night!

I’ve been humming and hahing about what to do for my kids birthdays. So, what am I going to do to celebrate? Well you lucky parents guess what? It’s payback time!

If you are smart, you will have your child’s birthday party at an indoor playcentre which also hosts birthday parties.

Source by Carmen Joseph

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