Does the idea of organizing birthday party games for your teenagers give you sleepless nights? Yes, birthdays are a very special occasion, No matter what age you are, a birthday party is something always greatly anticipated. It is a day filled with great food, a birthday cake, presents, balloons, and the party area decorated with streamers of the birthday boy’s or girl’s favorite colors. Everyone is in the mood to play some great games to entertain them. These are the games that YOU must find.

Great birthdays require birthday games that get every one up and having fun. Birthday party games for teenagers are a bit more difficult to find than ones for smaller children. Pin the tail on the donkey way excite the little ones, but a picky teenager doesn’t want to look like a fool in a blindfold with his friends watching.

Yes, teenagers need their birthday party games to be a bit more grown up instead of little childish games that toddlers would enjoy. There isn’t a teenager in the world who would want to mess up her hair and clothes on her birthday just to get an apple out of a tub of water with her teeth.

Some birthday party games for teenagers that they might actually enjoy would be games like Balloon War. This requires teams being divided up evenly. Each team has a certain color balloon for each member. Then they try to capture, or burst, the other teams’ balloons. The one with the most balloons is the winner, or the least amount left is the loser. But always remember, there are no losers at a birthday party. Give both teams a prize just for playing along.

You can try doing charades also. This is a great birthday party game for teenagers and adults alike. Just use different pop culture words about things they might like to act out. The important thing to remember is to make it fun. Throw in funny ways to act out certain things.

You can always do relay races for the outside games. There are many choices among these types of games. Using eggs in a tea spoon and running to the finish line, while working your way through an obstacle course is always a good way to have some fun at a birthday party for teenagers. You can also use balloons between two people and have them both run the course. It’s always harder when you add another player into the mix.

Whatever birthday party games you choose for your teenagers, remember to make it fun for them and always give out some kind of prize. Teenagers don’t like to do anything if they aren’t getting something for it.

Source by Emma Gibson

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