Birthdays are special and magical days for kids. Use these party theme ideas to make that birthday party a truly magical experience.

Here’s how you can transform your child’s birthday party into a magical world of wizards and wonder. With a very small budget you can create a playful and mystical atmosphere that will give your event a magic touch.

Colors. Dark purple and gold are a magical color scheme. Use dark purple for your table cloths, napkins plates and cups. Add yellow or gold star decals and tinsel highlights. Purple, pink and gold colored balloons are great for girls parties. Boys may prefer purple and gold only.

Props. Top hats, magic wands, bunny rabbits and doves are a nice touch. Try suspending some props from high ceilings using clear sewing thread to create the illusion of levitation. When the threads are placed just right and the lighting is not too bright it will really look like things are floating around the room.

Think about using special lighting to create a magical atmosphere. While we don’t recommend it for a little children’s parties, a dark room with blacklight posters and hello in the dark stars and moons will be really cool to older kids. Add some replica vintage posters from old-time vaudeville magicians to drive your theme concept home.

Goody bags. Instead of boring paper bags carry the theme forward by putting party treats into inexpensive toy top hats. Include some candy, puzzles and magic tricks that are aged appropriate in each hat. Put the top hats out as place settings and let them add to the decor.

Invitations. Set the theme early in the mind of your guests. Putting people in the right frame of mind for a party plays a big part in how successful and fun the event will be. Really sell the idea of a magical party and you will find that children will have even more fun.

Activities. If you’re planning a longer party sometimes a craft activity can be a lot of fun. Have the children make their very own magic hats and wizards caps using construction paper and cardboard. With magic markers and stickers they can customize their magic props. Use a tape and washable magic markers only and stay away from messy paint and glue.

For an extra special treat hire a real magician to put on a special magic show for the birthday child and guests. The magic show should run no longer than one hour. Be sure your magician has plenty of audience participation and age appropriate tricks. Ask your magician to produce a live bunny rabbit at the party. A good magician will have a fast-paced and colorful show full of variety and surprises.

Source by Angelo Losavio

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