Most birthday parties for kids are held at the kid’s home. If the party is planned right, that could be lots of fun. But there are many birthday party places for kids, and some aren’t all that expensive.

For example, there are many indoor family centers that offer birthday group packages. Many have miniature golf and rides, and of course games to play. I’m frankly not crazy about these places, because there could be 10 parties going on at the same time. So if you want to have your kid’s birthday party at one of these places, it’s best to have it in the morning.

I think if it were my kid though, I’d rather have a party at a place where kids birthday parties are less common. That way the kids can get more attention. The exception of course is a theme park or something, where kids can be left alone to have fun.

Amusement parks are a lot of fun, especially theme parks. These amusement places with rides are great for all ages, because at the larger parks there are rides from babies to adults. In fact, these are great places for teens; you can take them all to a theme park and buy them all tickets and pick them up later.

If you’d want your kids to learn something on their birthday, you can also take them to a museum. Some museums are dusty and dull, but the ones that are best for parties are hands-on, where kids can play with the exhibits. Some museums offer special group tours for kids too.

Many places around the US are now featuring children’s museums. These places would be great for a birthday party. Some have special theme parties they can host, which include admission to the museum.

Not only museums, but aquariums, planetariums (kids love those), zoos, arboretums, even forest preserves often plan parties for birthdays. Most of these places have special shows too, like playing with dolphins or feeding the sharks.

Water parks are a another good place to spend a happy birthday. The only problem is that, unless they are indoors, they are seasonal. But water parks are lots of fun, offer numerous rides, and are generally inexpensive and clean!

Bowling alleys can be good inexpensive fun too. Generally they are not the best party places for kids under 9 though, but again many alleys offer packages for birthday parties.

One great place to spend a happy birthday is on a boat ride. They have those large boats around here that serve lunch and go on sightseeing tours. They always organize food and games for kids. And the adults don’t have to worry about the kids running off, because where are they gonna go? Once again

though, unless you live in a warm state, boat rides are seasonal.

So I hope this gave you some different ideas on places to have birthday parties. Wherever you plan them, the important thing is for the kids to have fun and not be bored. Good luck!

Source by Jim Konerko

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