Whether you are planning a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or an older kid’s birthday party, you want the party to be a big hit and run as smoothly as possible. You can throw a great birthday party which is centered on a theme that your kid will certainly enjoy. Once you and your kid have selected the theme for their birthday party, then you need to look at getting the right birthday party supplies.

Remember that this party is for your little one, but it still needs a considerable amount of organization, and a birthday party doesn’t happen every day, so ensure that it is special.

Kids love parties and a birthday celebration is a big event for them. The secret to planning a successful birthday party is to ensure that you are organized and have all of your birthday party supplies ready.

It is important to remember that you are catering to kids, therefore you will certainly want to use paper plates and cups when it comes to food and drinks. You can also purchase the paper plates and cups to match the theme of your kid’s party.

The most essential party supplies are:

– Invitations – get your kid involved when writing the invitations to their friends

– Thank you cards – again, get your kid involved when sending thank you notes to all of their guests

– Party bags or party boxes

– Streamers and table accessories

– Noisemakers and balloons

– Straws, Bowls and Plates

– Plastic glasses and tumblers

– Plastic cutlery

– Napkins

– Table covers

For the decorations you will need:

– Table decorations

– Streamers

– Banners

And for the party bags or boxes you will need:

– Candy

– Magic Tricks

– Pens, pencils and books

– Stickers and tattoos

– Bouncy balls

– Rubber snakes, spiders, lizards etc

– Plastic jewelry

– Figures and models

Remember that if you are planning on organizing certain games for the kids to play, then be sure that you have all of the equipment that you may need. It is also tradition to give a birthday party favor as well as a party bag during, or at the end of the party, so you will need more gifts. A personalized gift is normally quite adequate as a favor gift. This could be a box of personalized cookies, which your kid has helped to make and decorate before the party, or a personalized hair band for the girls and a personalized chocolate coins for the boys, etc.

And the one birthday party supply which you do not want to forget, it the birthday cake. Whether it is homemade or purchased from a store, it will certainly be enjoyed. Again, if having a theme at your kid’s birthday party, then you can carry that theme over on the cake, and of course, the correct amount of candles will have to be added.

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