Boys are boys, so they said. Boys are active, there are hyperactive ones too, and who needs to be always on the go. To keep them occupied and happy at parties, here are five birthday party themes that boys really love. You may want to use one of these ideas as your party themes.

Super Heroes. Every boy has a super hero. Ask your guests to turn up in their own super hero costume. Arrange some adventure games that will involve all super heroes in different roles, saving the world, catching bad guys and restoring justice. In addition, tell them to make them own costume because you will give a prize to the best costume in the party.

Sports. Boys are active people, so organize sports and games for them to play. If you have a big compound let them play there, if not take them to the park to play football, dodge ball or kickball. Remember to start the party and get them into the mood by cutting the birthday cake and singing the birthday song first.

Gaming. There are a variety of different, indoor games for the boys. Set up different stations with different board games. A video game (especially if you can a large TV) or those play station games will be fine too.

Adventure. Treasure hunt, scavenger hunt or mystery is the different game themes, which can provide enough activity for most active boys. They will use their wits and minds to seek for hidden clues to solve the mystery and gain the treasure.

Go-carting. If you like to have the party outdoors or in a different location other than you’re house, then go carting is one of the options. You may even make some private arrangement so that the place is reserved just for your kids and his friends. This will eliminate the pressure of keeping track of everyone.

To make your kid’s birthday party as stress free for you as possible, plan early. Send out the invitations way before so that there’s enough time for the RSVPs to come back. If you know the number of people coming to the party, then it is so much easier to plan the games, the food, party goodies and so on. It is better to try and prepare as much food as possible the night before. Decorate your house as early as possible. Remember the less you have to do on the day of the party the less stress there is for you and the more time you will have to make everyone happy and enjoy at the party.

One important key to a successful party is to seek as much responsible help as possible. This is vital for success. Delegating tasks is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of intelligence. You will sleep better when you know there are trustworthy friends to help you. I am sure your friends will be happy to help and they know you’ll be there to help them too when their turn comes along.

For younger boys, another option will be to have hired entertainment like a clown or a magician. Children love clowns and they absolutely love balloon animal sculptures. Magicians can keep them ‘spell bound’ and not only will they be enjoying themselves at the party but will ensure conversations on how to solve the mystery long after.

Of course no matter how hard you work or how well planned your party is, sometimes something do go wrong. The cake might fall off the table and the dog might get to the food before everyone else. But remember, be cool. Take a deep breath, relax and try to make the most of the day. Kids do not see problems like adults do. Maybe they might even see the ‘fun’ in the smashed cake or sharing food with your pet. All in, as long as everybody thinks it’s fun, the party is a success.

Source by Kate Slinger

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