Most children look forward to their birthday with great anticipation. It is a day focused on them, usually with birthday cake and birthday presents. It is a celebrated anniversary of a special event that happened to start a person’s life. Birthdays are celebrated all over the world. It has become a rite of passage in many cultures when certain birthday milestones are reached.

One of the most popular traditions of any birthday celebration is the birthday cake. Most cakes are decorated in some manner and lit with candles. The birthday person gets to make a wish and then tries to blow out all the candles with one breath. If they are successful in blowing out all the candles this way, then their wish comes true.

The number candles tend to go with the age of the person who will blow out the candles. Often, it is used because the candles are too great in number. You’ll want to make sure that you consider using a number candle to pick up the pace of the tradition to “blow the candles out”.

Another common tradition is for the birthday person to cut and receive the first piece of cake. When it comes to someone’s birthday, they are to be specially respected by their friends and family on that day. You will find that when it comes to receiving gifts, the birthday person gets special gifts or a special meal.

Children’s birthdays usually include games and sometimes special entertainment like a clown or magician. Parties can include balloons, streamers and party favors for guests. Sometimes parties are held at a special place like a pool or gym. This way guests can enjoy lively activity along with eating a special party meal.

Source by Roy Himmel

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