Birthdays are usually an awaited celebration by all the individuals. When we think of birthday- midnight’s wishes, cakes, balloons, party poppers, chocolates, treat, surprise gifts are the most common things which strikes our mind. But birthdays are more than that. Let’s figure out some of the things more than balloons that kids can get their part to plan their birthdays.

Birthday dress:

A common myth of birthday is birthday dress. Even though they are like other ones, something stands special about it. Parents present starts with the birthday costumes. But with the change of generations parents can allow their kids to select their birthday costumes in accordance with their themes they have planned to celebrate. The costumes are not the general shirts and pants or frocks and skirts, but more with the creativity the kids imagined for.


The important ingredient of birthdays are cakes. Without cakes birthdays are incomplete. So selection of cakes can be left to the children’s choice. More than vanilla, chocolate, mango, other flavors like black currant, black forest, white forest, red velvet, cheesecake, ice-cream cake, oreo cheesecake and many more are available. The shapes of the cakes are altered from sphere to square, heart or any comic character accordingly with kids wish. Cakes with not only the quotes but with toppings are trending nowadays. If the kid wish to bake their own cake, it’s almost a great thing to begin a birthday.


Birthday banners, balloons, color papers, garlands, masks, birthday hats, party poppers, snow spray are included in the decoration part. Parents can allow their kids to plan a theme and decorate the party hall. They can merely lend their helping hands but not to influence. The colors of the balloons or even the shapes of the balloons can be decided with the children’s wish. Not alone inside the party hall but the outside decorations like rangoli, garland decorations can be made by them.

The guests can be provided with hats or masks or balloons in accordance with the theme planned for birthday.


Birthday parties cannot be celebrated alone with the family members. Friends, neighbors are the must invited checklists for the birthdays. Kids can decide whom to invite and can prepare a simple invitation cards to invite them. Chart papers, markers, satin ribbons are more enough to make a simple card.

Other arrangements:

Apart from the above discussed checklists, other arrangements such as food for the guests, chocolates, sweets etc can be planned and the restaurant can be selected and notified with the menu, date and time for appropriate delivery. The menu can be again left to the kids choice. Calculating the number of guests and making perfect order can prevent the wastage of food.

Good deeds:

Visiting old age homes, orphanages and lending food for the people in need with the kids saved pocket money will fulfill their birthday with hearty blessings and joy.

Source by Prashant Khanna Kapoor

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