As a child is born, the date of his birth is marked special in comparison to the rest of the 364 days. Typically, every year, on that, day, a gala arrangement is made to celebrate the "Birthday" of the child. Homes are decorated and parties are organized to celebrate the moment.

What we fail to understand is, are birthdays just about balloons and a delicious cake? Are children really enjoying each and every day of their lives as the way they are supposedly to do? When it comes to the celebration, we find little kids attending birthday parties with their parents with a gift in hand. Gifts are handed over and wishes are made. After the event, the invitees receive a return gift for attending the whole gala affair. Basically, birthdays have become the occasion of gift exciting and unlimited parties instead of giving the kids an opportunity to spend the day with their loved ones, working hand-in-hand to revamp their homes and making a happy place out of it.

The moment we'll realize that birthdays are much more than just balloons and home decors and that, we must let in our kids to lend a hand in whatever task we do to save their birthday as a special memory in our minds and hearts, the more beautiful the whole concept of birthday celebrations will become.

Who knows? Maybe your kid does not like the way you're wrapping those gifts. Maybe he wants to do it himself. Let him in. Let him do it. Let him understand the joy of spending time with family while make a moment worth remembering. Also, the child needs to understand the worth of the gifts, which is not in quantity but in quality. The quality of the love he's getting has to be well understood by both, the parents, and, the child. It's a task to make everything function perfectly when there's a little child around, but these memories will remain a lifetime in the memory. That's what we live for.

As a child grows up, his involvement in various aspects of home actually helps to shape his behavior and mentality. At such a critical point, spending more and more time with children is really necessary for every parent. And birthdays being really special for each one of us is a great excuse for spending some quality time with your little ones. All you need is a little time out of your busy schedule, a bare minimum accessories and lots of love to make the day of the apple of your eyes.

And if you're confused with what you can do to celebrate the occasion without overdoing anything, you can certainly opt for making a little teeny-tiny cake along with your little munchkin helping you through the baking process while having a wide smile pasted to his face.

Birthdays are really special. And tagging your kids along to help you with the preparation will only make the day more special. Because birthdays are much more than just balloons.

Source by Prashant Khanna Kapoor

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