Are you planning a Birthday party? Do you want to make it memorable? If your answer is yes then read on to explore the option of a Birthday at Disneyland. Yes, you heard it right, at Disneyland. You can have a blast on an occasion like a birthday at Disneyland.

A birthday is a very special day in a year and if you are young at heart and want to have the most memorable Birthday of your life then Disneyland is the place to be. Disneyland offers you various exciting and fun-filled options to celebrate your birthday and enjoy it.

One important aspect of a Birthday at Disneyland is the Birthday Sticker. It makes the person whose birthday it is to look out of the ordinary and makes sure the person is spotted easily. Some find it a little embarrassing and want to avoid it but really it is the funniest part of the whole event.

With a sticker on, you can be sure to be wished by most of the staff members whom you meet. And they will also make sure that you're enjoying yourself. What else can you ask for when the when the sticker is free.

A special place at Disneyland is the Plaza Inn where you can celebrate the most happening Birthdays. The place offers birthday celebrations at a price of about $ 10 per person, which includes a cake and few drinks for the guests as well. The special part of the birthday is that the chances of Mickey and Minnie joining you for the party are quite high. And that is really a special gift especially if the guest of honour is one of the kids who are in love with Mickey.

As you must have imagined, a birthday at Disneyland is really a fun-filled outing and the idea is that if you have decided to go for it, you should plan a little in advance and make your reservations early to avoid any stress. Also, it could be a fun filled surprise for your loved one if you make the arrangements in advance and then just bump in the idea on the special day itself.

Source by Alex Davidson

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