In this article we’re going to solve one of the biggest problems modern man can possibly face, finding the perfect birthday gift.

You would think finding a birthday gift for someone, especially someone you know would be a piece of cake. Well, sometimes it’s easier just getting the cake. The present can be a real pain in the neck, especially when you THINK you know someone.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. The truth is, unless you are absolutely sure of someone’s interests, it is almost impossible to pick out a perfect birthday gift that the recipient is going to just go nuts over. So here are some simple rules of thumb that should keep you from getting the look at death when handing over your gift to the birthday boy or girl.

1. Keep your eyes and ears open throughout the year leading up to the recipients birthday. Try to get some idea of the person’s interests. The closer you are to this person the easier it is. For family members, this is very easy especially if you pay careful attention. The truth is, throughout the year your family is going to see something on television or hear something on the radio that they’re going to make a comment on as something they’d like to have. Maybe not in so many words, but the point will be made, even if subtly. Whenever this happens, make a note of the item. If it’s something that may be gone soon, go back to the store when you’re alone and pick it up, even if it’s ten months before the big day. This way your shopping for this person is done and you can relax. You know you got something that they’re going to love.

2. If you can’t get a good idea from the person what they might like, talk to other family members. See if they know something that the person in question wants. If family doesn’t know then ask friends. Somebody has to know something about this person’s likes.

3. If one and two bomb out, the next step is to snoop around the person’s room, if you have access to it. See what they have laying around. Make a note of the kind of clothes they wear. If they’re really into a certain kind of clothing or accessory and have a number of those items that you know they bought for themselves then there is a good chance that getting one more is going to bring a smile to their face, especially if it’s an item that is very popular.

4. If all three things bomb out then the next step is a gift card. Credit cards actually sell these now so you can give a gift card to that special person that they can use just about anywhere. Believe it or not, they’ll be really excited about being able to go anywhere and get anything they like.

5. The final option is cash or a gift certificate to a particular store. Cash isn’t very romantic but again, you can use it to buy anything. You really can’t go wrong with cash especially if it’s a nice amount. By following the five tips above you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a birthday present that will be more than appreciated.

Source by Michael Russell

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