Becoming a parent means becoming someone who is equal to the creator. Because being parent means giving birth to a new life. We are born in a savage desert and that overturns as the Eden Garden by the sincere gardeners, who are named ‘parents’. That is true for all. So their birthdays have to be given proper importance. We often plan surprise parties on our mom and dad’s birthdays. But at the eleventh hour everything overturns because of lack of proper planning and definite decision.

While planning mom or dad’s birthdays we should keep in mind about certain things. What they are fond of in case of food, in case of types of parties and also in case of selecting gift items for them. Four things to describe an ideal father are: A pillar of strength, a guardian angel, a loving husband and a doting father. Whatever their age are, dads are always very young at heart at least for their children. Efficient teacher, an ideal health expert, pragmatic decision maker, a very articulative house keeper and nurse, sometimes a very accomplished cook and a person whom we cant live without is our Mom. She have instant solutions of all our problems and we can never escape from her while lying. According to the mood and temperament of your mom you should plan out her birthday party.

After parents, our grand parents take the center stage. Every time a child is born, a grandparent is born too. Society records the child’s birth, but not its grandparents. In our age when mounting economic and social pressures make it increasingly easier to split a family than to sustain one, so we often forget the source of family strength, that is our grandparents. They are also needed to be pampered and birthday is the perfect chance to ensure them the significance of their unforgettable existence for making our worlds more beautiful and fascinating.

Some cool birthday party themes to celebrate birthday of Mom or dad or grandparents are:

Mod Mom Baby Shower theme,

Wild West Party theme,

Stars & Stripes theme,

Tee Time Party theme,

Island Luau theme,

Birthday Blowout theme,

Hugs & Stitches Baby Shower theme,

John Deere theme,

Baby Clothes Baby Shower theme,

Fortieth Birthday Blowout theme.

Gifting a greeting card or sending electronic greeting card in case of staying too far is the first ordeal on parents’ and grandparents’ birthdays. While planning an organized ethnic birthday party some points should be never forgotten. Those are:

1.Ordering Cakes primarily and beforehand. The flavor of the cake must be according to the choice of the birthday boy or girl.

2.Candles Candles and Candles.

3.Cake toppers,

4.Birthday tree, cake stand and server,

5. Party Banners,

6.Crafts and Activity list (if any),

7.Birthday Balloons and other decorative items,

8.Dress ups (according to the party theme).

While buying gifts and chocolates and cookies one of course need expert suggestions. The absolutely everlasting gift items for grand parents and parents would be:

Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Pound puppies or digital pets, easy bake oven, romantic night out, live concerts of favorite rock star, exclusive trip to remote island, Heated Massage Mat with neck and back therapy, Digital camera,Champagne flutes, Diamond bracelet or earrings, Spa gift basket, expensive Deodorant or after shave gel, handmade personalized Photo Quilts, a cool Laptop or an i pod or simply the most favorite flowers that they adore.

Its all about sharing, caring, loving and cherishing down memory lanes, thats what grow the strength from within and retain our bondings of love and affection. From that way parents’ and grandparents’ birthdays are very special and adorable for ever.

Source by Kate Rogres

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