In this article we’re going to go over some things to do for your kid’s  birthday  that might be a little out of the ordinary but certainly fun.

Let’s face it,  birthdays  can get pretty dull after a while. Unless you’ve got a great imagination they usually become the same thing year after year, a party at home, or maybe the bowling alley or pizza parlor, the usual games of pin the tail on the donkey, and the usual  birthday  cake and presents, not that there’s anything wrong with that stuff. But how about trying something a little off the wall for a change? What follows are a few ideas that just might make that  birthday  party a little different and certainly memorable.

One idea is to have a multiple location  birthday  bash. Maybe this will start off with a trip to the miniature golf course for 18 holes of golf. If you have more than 5 kids you’re going to have to arrange them in groups of 5 as that is the max for a group at a miniature golf course. One way to determine the groupings is to throw everyone’s name into a hat and pick them at random. This will add an element of fun to the event itself.

After a round of golf, then maybe you can head to the bowling alley and roll a couple of games. If you’ve started this in the early morning by now you should be just about at lunch time. You can either have lunch at the bowling alley or go to yet your third location. Of course the secret to this success is just that, it’s a secret, the whole day. The kids won’t know what’s going to happen next. Think they won’t be excited?

After lunch it’s time to head to your next location. A great spot is a mall if there is one in your area. This is where you spring the big surprise on them. Of course you can only do this with older kids because younger ones will need to be supervised and this is an unsupervised event. What you do next is have a treasure hunt in the mall. The adults all hide in different parts of the mall and the kids have to find them. The kids who find the most adults before time runs out (you set a time limit) wins a special prize. You can make it a purchase at one of the stores in the mall. Set a dollar amount on this. You don’t want the kids going crazy. You can even award second and third prizes too if you like.

Finally, after the mall trip it’s back to your house to finish up the party, maybe with some party games and of course that  birthday  cake. Make it something different though. You could do something like have the bakery make the cake into an unusual shape like a car or truck, or maybe even an airplane. Use your imagination. By the time this day is over it is going to be a  birthday  that none of the kids will soon forget, especially not the  birthday  person. Try it sometime. You might be surprised.

Source by Michael Russell

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