“A  birthday  is 1st day of 365 days journey. So, just enjoy the trip around the sun.”

A  birthday  is always a special feeling. It’s that time of the year when you feel really pampered. It’s an occasion for celebrations when the entire family or friends are here to celebrate together.

When we celebrate someone’s  birthday , what we get is a bunch of happy memories and wholesome family fun.  Birthday  is one those moments when a person’s existence makes you very happy. You wish the person heartfelt wishes coupled with lots of family and friends.

 Birthdays  in modern times revolve around friends, parties, celebrations, wining and dining and of course fine gifts. It leaves relations with good feelings of nostalgia and memories.

 Birthdays  have no rules. One can celebrate anyone’s  birthday . It could be your grandparents, parents, cousins, siblings, uncles, aunts and so on. You can raise a toast to the person whose  birthday  it is. A bunch of flowers or a lovely chocolate cake is all that you need to make someone’s  birthday  special. The other things about the celebration like a huge theme party or a grand dinner is something that can follow depending on the nature of the person whose  birthday  is being celebrated.

You can celebrate with beautiful messages in any language you want and make the person feel special. Pen down your thoughts and emotions and make your love ones’  birthday  special.

Candles have a very big significance in  birthdays . They have the significance of counting the years gone by and those coming forth. The candle light also signifies that the life should be brightened up and surrounded with happiness. Blow off the candles and make a wish.

 Birthdays  are an important way of establishing beautiful relationships that last forever. Many social research surveys show that candles were used for the first time by the Greeks who lit candles and placed them on ceremonial cakes that were dedicated to Goddess Artemis.

This ritual was later incorporated in the Christian celebrations too.

Some of the best  birthday  candles are made in Germany and German candles are really world-famous. They for most part, decorate the cakes by adding the element of brightness.

Candles are of several types. One can get party candles and even character  birthday  candles. Party candles are used at carnivals and they usually come in a vast number of shapes and sizes, artwork, colors, etc.

Sometimes there are themed cards that kids prefer like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tom and Jerry and many more.

There are trick  birthday  cards. The best thing about these trick  birthday  candles is that when you light them, they re-light themselves. They are a big surprise for adults and kids alike. It’s very amusing and can make for a very good prank on people. It is the magnesium in the wick that re-lights the candles several times.

 Birthday  cakes have an origin in the Middle Ages when the English would cover up symbolic items such as gold coins, rings and thimbles inside their cakes. Each item was supposed to be connected with a certain prediction. For instance, if a person found gold coins, it implied that the person would become wealthy and if they discovered a thimble, it meant that the person would never marry.

Pleas’d look forward, pleas’d to look behind,

And count each  birthday  with a grateful mind.

– Alexander Pope

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