Want to start your child's birthday party off right? Of course. So, let Bolt, The Lightning Dog come to your rescue. Bolt is always up for adventure just like your child! You can display that heroic, cheerful spirit with Bolt birthday party supplies that feature Bolt and all his pals.

Start off your celebration using Bolt birthday invitations. Each guest will want to attend when he or she sees the image of this super-hero dog on the card. He barks and all the kids come running, ready to enjoy the party.

With everyone there you can make sure the party room is ready for them with some Bolt decorations. The Bolt Deluxe Pack makes that an easy task. It offers a complete birthday party in one easy-to-open package. With plates, cups, forks, and spoons, every hungry guest has all he needs to enjoy the party food and drink.

It also includes decorative curling ribbon, two colors of crepe paper rolls, Mylar balloons, and much more to make decorating in true Bolt style simple. It holds candles, a tablecloth, and – better grab this before your boy or girl does – a Bolt centerpiece.

If you want you can purchase all these separately. Stock up on all the Bolt 9 "dinner plates, divided 10" 'Doggie Bowls', or the terrific Bolt 9oz drinking cups you need. Be sure to include the Bolt napkins showing the happy face of everyone's favorite super-hero dog.

Your birthday boy or girl is the center of attention at the party. But please your guests with Bolt Favor Boxes and they'll be talking about your party long afterwards. The gift boxes sport the cheerful blue background and yellow stars that are Bolt's trademark. Naturally, every child will not want to wait to find out what's inside.

And what is inside? There are tons of 'doggie trips' for all your little howling hounds. There are jumbo-sized Dog Bone crayons and a washable lightning bolt tattoo so each guest can be a super hero, too. There's a fun sticker sheet and a Bolt Bounce Ball to take home.

You can arrange them next to the plates on a Bolt tablecloth and set a Bolt Blowout on the other side. Put the Bolt Hats on the plate and you are ready for any pack of hungry hounds. Let them dig into that cake, but be careful that no one eats the Bolt Cake Topper!

After the birthday is over you can express your appreciation with Bolt "Thank You" notes. All that hard work of yours made for a great celebration, but you'll want to thank all the guests for their thoughtful gifts and great company. That's what makes for a truly Bolt-sized extravaganza.

So, follow Bolt to the birthday party and prepare to howl at the moon. Everyone will follow your scent to the greatest celebration ever!

Source by Patti L.

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