In Brazil, they prepare beautiful and attractive birthdays candies in different ‘fruity and vegetable shapes’. Candies are shaped so well and fine that they give a natural look. They are so deceitful for a moment that children, at first look, avoid taking them. There is no birthday without decorating the home. Brazilians post Birthday banners on walls and ceilings of the house of the celebrant and decorate tables of the venue and ceilings with artificial colorful paper flowers along with Candle wreath to reflect the real essence of party and festive. Party starts with cutting the birthday cake in Brazil. The nearest and dearest one enjoys the first bite of the cake. It could be anyone, mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend etc. On Birthday, Brazilians pull the earlobe of the celebrant for each birthday year. Cheese bread, Caruru, Feijoada, Coxinha, rice beans, spicy sausage are the famous Brazilian cuisines in the birthday menu. Wine and Caipirinha cocktails are the two prime Brazilian drinks.

In Brazil, birthdays are celebrated in many ways: surprise birthday party, proper birthday party, buffet, barbecue, chilling out with friends are for instance. In this list, surprise birthday party is the only one which fills the celebrant with amazement and joy. Guests present Birthday flowers, Birthday cards, and other gift items to the celebrant. Friends and relatives tease the celebrant by making pinching jokes and asking funny questions for the sake of fun. Last but, not the least, are dance and music without whom, a party is never complete.

Technology is also doing its bid by contributing through online birthday flower delivery to Brazil. Rose, Orchids, Carnations and Begonia are very popular birthday flowers in Brazil. People prefer birthday flowers for decoration and greetings. Flowers reflect love and purity, in the true sense. Moreover, sending birthday flowers in Brazil, suits best to a surprise birthday party. Moreover, flowers have Holy significance in Christianity and other religions. For instance, in Christianity, Archetypal flower or white Madonna lily (Lilium candidum) is associated with purity and holiness. The pretext is associated with virgin Marry, white petals are a sign of her spotless body and golden stamens are associated with her glowing soul. Due to this reason, Lilies occupy special place in birthday flowers bouquet of Brazil.

Source by Madiha Saeed

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