Is a friend or relative soon celebrating their birthday? Feel like doing something special to mark the occasion? One of the best ways to commemorate someone’s big day is by surprising them. Over the years surprise parties have become popular and are to this day a wonderful way of making the birthday boy or girl feel special. There are now, however, plenty more ideas for you to carry out. Here are just a few to get you inspired to host the best birthday your friend or relative will have ever had.

A Surprise Weekend Away

This is probably one of the surprises that require the most time and effort to get organised. You need to know the person really well to find out their weekend plans in advance and make sure there is no conflict in schedules. It also requires you to know and be in contact with the person’s friends and family so as you’re not all planning something at the same time. You can cooperate with others to arrange a ‘decoy’ party or dinner that the birthday girl or boy is expecting to attend.

In terms of what to do over the weekend, you could book accommodation in an area the person has always wanted to visit. Holiday cottages and apartments are now easy to find in most parts of the world and can suit groups of varying sizes. Gather a group of friends and plan an action packed weekend cooking and celebrating together, exploring the local area and nightlife.

An Adrenaline-packed Adventure

A whole host of companies now offer adrenaline-packed outdoor and indoor adventures for a memorable birthday experience. From helicopter rides across the city to white water rafting to clay pigeon shooting, you can find something to suite anyone and everyone. Not only will it be a good day out, but it will provide excellent photo opportunities that will help remember the adventure and look back on it with a smile.

Indoor activities on offer include rock wall climbing, cocktail masterclasses and different kind of workshops.

A Surprise From Afar

It might not always be possible to celebrate together with the person because of distance. This doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them though. While organising a trip for yourself could prove to be too difficult or even impossible for various reasons, sending a parcel is a lovely way of showing the person you still care and that they definitely have a place in your heart. If you live somewhere further afield, send something that you know your friend or relative can’t get back home. It could be a selection of local edibles or other knick knacks. Or, if it’s the birthday boy or girl who lives abroad, you could send parcels brimming with things they might miss from home. If you know them well, you’ll know exactly what it is they. If you’re not too sure about their tastes, send things that are known to be popular. In the UK, for example, this could be shortbread, jammie dodgers or other biscuits, tea cakes, breakfast or Earl Grey tea, malt loaf or chocolate oranges.

Source by Harvey McEwan

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