Even the most organized person can be rattled and disheveled with an upcoming big event. However, there are some key catering ideas listed that you can use to make sure that big event goes off without a hitch …. And to help relieve some of the stress that goes with catering and organizing a big event. An organizer, post its, PDA's and notepads will be your best buddies for the time being and they'll definitely see you through until (and probably during) the party.

There are plenty of catering ideas for every type of party, but the following are the basic and fundamental necessities for all parties, small or big, extravagant or simple.

1. Food- a party will not be a party without the food. If you're throwing a wedding then you might want to incorporate formal catering ideas into your food menu. If you're throwing a dinner party, birthday or anniversary, then you can mix it up with formal and informal settings and ideas.

The key with the food is to make sure you know how many guests will be attending so that you do not run short. Nothing can ruin a party faster than not having enough hors d'oeuvres or, god forbid, being short 1 dinner.

The other thing you must consider is special meals for people with food allergies and special meals for vegetarians.

2. Liquor / Beverage- again, a party will not be a party without booze or juice. If you're going to have a party then there must be something special going on. If there's something special going on then you need to change your normal soda beverage to a sparkling wine or a punch juice for a day. These beverages will make you party more memorable.

Having said that, there is, of course, plenty of people who do not drink alcohol, so one of your key catering ideas is to provide a punch or special drink that is just as fun and festive but without the alcohol. Of course, you'll also need a variety of sodas as well as water and milk for children or those who prefer this type of beverage.

3. Decorations- your party ideas will bloom on decorations for the event. The decorations will lift the spirit of party goers because like the food and the drink, the ambience is important. If your place does not even have a spark of party in the air then most likely you'll have a boring party. Check out your local party rental store for ideas on decorations – they have plenty of things you can rent and their inventory can spark your imagination – how about a chocolate fountain with cut up pieces of fruit for dipping – that's sure to be a delicious decoration that looks good and tastes good too!

So the main catering ideas that will help your even be a big success are to keep organized – present a good food offering, make sure there is plenty to drink for everyone and dress the place up for the party. Follow these tips and your party is sure to be a big hit!

Source by Kate Turing

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