Celebrate a 50th birthday in style with these 10 great birthday ideas.

The days leading up to your birthday should be as much fun for you as the actual birthday. We have listed out some birthday ideas that help you get ready for the big day.

Since you are leading up to your 50th birthday, the fun begins 50 days before your birthday – so grab a calendar and let the planning begin. If you are a friend or family member of someone turning 50, let your plans begin 50 days before the party.

1. So that you are in tip top shape for the big day, start a new exercise program 50 days before your birthday. Track your progress on a calendar. On your birthday, you will look and feel younger already.

2. Write down 50 things you have accomplished in your life that you are proud of – write one a day for 50 days. On your birthday you will have a jar filled with great accomplishments.

3. Keep a journal and write down one name a day for 50 days of someone who has touched your life in a positive way.

4. Schedule a breakfast, lunch or dinner with a friend every day for 50 days.

5. Take time for yourself and read 50 pages a day for 50 days or 50 minutes a day for 50 days.

6. Keep up with technology and learn 50 new things on the computer. Check out new websites, learn new functions, do new web searches.

7. In the days prior to your birthday do 50 acts of kindness.

8. Learn 50 new words.

9. On the big day, plan a party with 50 of your closures friends, family and co-workers to help you celebrate your birthday.

10. And, finally, create a scrapbook of your 50th birthday journey.Celebrating a 50th birthday can be fun. Here are some thoughts, suggestions and ideas to make your day a special event that you will remember.

Source by Gina Mahony

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